Wednesday, September 12, 2012


And...I'm off! Off work, today, that is. I'm going to take my mom to the bank and grocery shopping in a few minutes, but until then I thought I would throw a post together.

My babies, first day of school: kinder, grade 6 and grade 9. Jacob had his clothes picked out 3 weeks ago haha. It's funny how that works: last year he would wear the same dirty clothes for 3 days in a row if I let him. This year, he lays out his clothes before he goes to sleep and HEAVEN FORBID I should suggest that he wear the same pair of jeans again because they're not dirty.

This past Sunday was the party for Sammy Sunshine's 5th birthday and Scott's 44th birthday. Just like every year, Scott asked for spice cake cupcakes with cream cheese icing (I throw a touch of cinnamon in the's so amazing). I tried to get Sammy to let me make a Barbie cake, but she insisted on another Polly Pocket cake this year. The top cake (beach theme) was last year's cake, front and back, and the bottom cake is this year's. The theme was 'fashion show'. She picked out the Pollies and I scrubbed the crap out of them and their clothes before we put them on the cake. The cake innards are tie-dyed (purple, orange, yellow and green). She picked the all the colours and helped me bake the cake as well. Just junky cake mix...home made white cake is gross, IMO. I made the spice cake though, using the last of my mom's applesauce from the freezer (no pics of those, I'm sure you can use your imagination: it's just a cupcake, I assure you). You can click through for bigger pictures if you want.

Well, I should head out. I need to get back in a decent amount of time to do a bit of cleaning before the school PAC meeting tonight. It's time to pay some bills and there is a casino fundraiser coming up next month. Money, money, money...