Wednesday, November 23, 2011


It's Wednesday...supposed to be a day off, but I worked for 3 hours. I didn't want to, but the boss waved time-and-a-half under my nose and I was convinced. We are short-staffed and it stinks. Turns out you need common sense to work as a medical office assistant. Who knew that would be so hard to find? 

I am currently writing an email to the school principal regarding the tirade I witnessed at school the other day. A teacher exploded...screaming at about a dozen little kids. I'm sure I stood there with my mouth hanging open, it was so shocking.  She didn't even care that there was parents and student teachers around...just screamed and screamed because they were chatting and giggling while waiting for the daycare staff to pick them up. Sure, teachers are overworked and not respected, blah blah blah. But she's also an adult, capable of knowing what is appropriate behaviour while in the presence of children. Honestly, it was scary.

Guess who thinks he needs a haircut?? I can hardly believe it. Jacob has decided he wants to go SHORT short. It takes me weeks to talk him into trimming his bangs and now he wants to chop it all off.

Kylie's ears are haunted. She thinks she can hear me playing Minecraft. lol.

I'm tired, going to bed. Darnit, need to do laundry first or I will have to go to work in yoga pants tomorrow night. Not cool.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Well, hello!

Hi there! How are you? I'm better now, thanks for asking. I've decided to let the angry, mean people steep in their own anger rather than let it affect  me. That is, for today. Maybe it's because I'm cozy in my tiny house with my family on a cold winter's day and I had a great day at work yesterday. No one yelled at me haha.

Our regular doctors are from Libya and have taken some time off to go home to celebrate Eid and to see their families. So to cover for them, we have some visiting doctors (or 'locums' as they are called in the industry). The one doctor we had the other day reminded me of Raj from Big Bang Theory...he just smiled a lot and didn't really talk. When he did ask for something, it was in this teen-tiny voice with a heavy accent. I wanted to hug him goodbye when he left at the end of the night, because he was just so cute but I guess that would be considered inappropriate :) .

It's getting cold here but no snow yet. I'm hoping it does snow soon, because my front yard always looks horrible in the fall. It's even worse this year because we took the trees down, so the entire world can see the craptacular view from the sidewalk. Snow will at least cover that mess.

Sam is playing Dance Dance Revolution with Kylie and her friend in the basement...Jacob is at my mom's and Scott and I are heading outside soon to take down the trampoline for the winter. Earlier, Sam and I went into the attic to look for some winter boots for her. Funny, a few years ago I was scared to climb that ladder and now I am following a four year old up there. It's no big deal now. I figured if she can do it, I should do it too.

Later, taters :)