Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Jacob, modelling on the new lawn. Like everyone else with an iPhone, I'm a talented photographer now. Just so you know.

I would like to know whom in this house is hogging all the internet tonight...it took forever for Blogger to load. I know that sounds stupid, no one can hog the internet. But there is a laptop and a game system in the basement, and a laptop and iPad being used up here so *someone* is responsible for this. Whatevs, I'm on now.

We just got back from seeing Hotel Transylvania and it was pretty boring, even for the kids. Sam is really into Halloween right now; she watches 'It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown' every day after school and begs me to tell her the story of Frankenstein every night. This is my version:

Once upon a time, there was an evil scientist that lived in an evil laboratory all alone. He had no one to watch tv with, no one to go for walks with and no one to help him do the dishes. One night he got a great idea! He was going to make a new friend! So he grabbed the biggest suitcase he had and walked down to the cemetary after the rest of the town had gone to sleep.

He dug up all the graves with his big shovel and took one arm from this one...one leg from this one...a bum from this one...a big tummy from this one...(etc, etc) until he had his suitcase stuffed right full. Then he took all the pieces home and sewed them all together until he had a new friend to do things with. They lived happily ever after. The end.

At this point, Sam will giggle like crazy and beg me to tell it again. If I was a better mother, I probably would find that story completely inappropriate for a 5 year old. But I'm not so that's ok :)

We had a very long-winded PAC meeting today where the principal read statistics from a sheet. For half an hour. I *hate* meetings that end up like that. It is my belief that this is why parents don't go to meetings, is because of presentations like that: monotonous number crunching and comparisons on those stupid province-wide tests. I hate them, I couldn't care less if my kids write them or not. We also had a surprise presentation by the reading recovery teacher (an early intervention program for kids that really need help with reading). I understand that there are some kids out there who need this...but quite honestly, there are 4 parents who go to these meetings regularly and that doesn't apply to any of our kids. Pick a speaker when you have the appropriate audience. I hate that shit, don't waste my time, I could have been home washing dishes or helping Jake with his math homework.

Tomorrow, I am off work and intend to work on Sam's Halloween costume a little bit...also, Jacob and I will work on his Steve from Minecraft costume (pdf file and instructional video here) after school. At first he was going to go as a cardboard box...actually, this costume isn't much different. So he's still going as a cardboard box. Kylie doesn't want to go out this year, she is inviting some friends over to watch scary movies on Netflix instead. Sorta sad, her first year without a costume :( .

It's so windy here...I better run outside and tie down a few Halloween decorations. Later.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


I have a sore throat this morning...maybe it's because I was snoring all night. Last night was the first night of the school's casino fundraiser and I was up until 230 in the morning. My body doesn't ever stay up that late so now I feel like I have a hangover.

I have been working 6 days a week, which stinks, but one of the girls at work is in Thailand and I can throw that extra money into savings. Mama wants an automatic car starter before winter hits. I will go to 4 days a week when the young lady returns to work.

So what is new?? Meh...not much. How about some pictures?

Santa's Anonymous Toy Run: 5000 burly bikers with dollies and lego strapped to their bikes. I think this was the last year that Kylie will ride with Scott...I'm not sure she even wanted to go this year, I think she just went because she knows how much Scott likes taking her. She hasn't been on the bike since last year's Toy Run. Four basketballs strapped to the back of the bike instead of dollies this year.

Finally...I bought this Halloween fabric 2 years ago and just now got around to finishing this scrub shirt for work. I figure I will have to wear it at least once a week between now and Halloween to make it worthwhile.     

Finally we got sod in the yard! But the piles of dirt seemed to be the only thing holding up the front fence. I came home after walking the kids to school and decided to give it a little kick. I took a bunch of pictures, texted them all to Scott and laughed...then I realized I had to clean it up. Crap. I then had to chop it up with the reciprocating saw and haul it all to the garage. There is one more section that looks like it might fall by the weekend. Jake has called dibs on kicking over that section if it is still standing there by Saturday.

Well, off to work in a couple of hours and then back to the casino. I think I will throw myself in the shower first.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012


And...I'm off! Off work, today, that is. I'm going to take my mom to the bank and grocery shopping in a few minutes, but until then I thought I would throw a post together.

My babies, first day of school: kinder, grade 6 and grade 9. Jacob had his clothes picked out 3 weeks ago haha. It's funny how that works: last year he would wear the same dirty clothes for 3 days in a row if I let him. This year, he lays out his clothes before he goes to sleep and HEAVEN FORBID I should suggest that he wear the same pair of jeans again because they're not dirty.

This past Sunday was the party for Sammy Sunshine's 5th birthday and Scott's 44th birthday. Just like every year, Scott asked for spice cake cupcakes with cream cheese icing (I throw a touch of cinnamon in the icing...it's so amazing). I tried to get Sammy to let me make a Barbie cake, but she insisted on another Polly Pocket cake this year. The top cake (beach theme) was last year's cake, front and back, and the bottom cake is this year's. The theme was 'fashion show'. She picked out the Pollies and I scrubbed the crap out of them and their clothes before we put them on the cake. The cake innards are tie-dyed (purple, orange, yellow and green). She picked the all the colours and helped me bake the cake as well. Just junky cake mix...home made white cake is gross, IMO. I made the spice cake though, using the last of my mom's applesauce from the freezer (no pics of those, I'm sure you can use your imagination: it's just a cupcake, I assure you). You can click through for bigger pictures if you want.

Well, I should head out. I need to get back in a decent amount of time to do a bit of cleaning before the school PAC meeting tonight. It's time to pay some bills and there is a casino fundraiser coming up next month. Money, money, money...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

7 days...

7! Always 7! (that's an obscure reference to an awesome Kids in the Hall Thanksgiving sketch...I just watched it on You Tube and it's not as funny as I remember, actually).

Seven days until the first day of school.  Seven days until I have three kids in school all day long. Seven days until I begin a new phase in my life: working mom! To tell you the truth, I have no idea what my fall schedule will be. Right now it's 3 days...I will either go to 4 days or 5 days, and I don't know if that will be morning or evening shifts. I do have the first week off to figure out the kids' schedules, though. Cool.

I am off work today and tomorrow, so we will tie up a few loose ends: home haircuts, a bit of mending and some house cleaning. Maybe some baking, too. 

Kylie pics :) . She's really not a fan of getting her picture taken but she's slowly coming around. Occasionally I will find my phone full of photo-bomb style pictures that her and Sam have done (see it, on the bottom right of the above pic?) . My girl has been reading like crazy the last few weeks and is getting back into her writing as well. She will be going into grade 9!! I can hardly believe my baby is 14 and now slightly taller than me :) .

This is our fairy garden in the front yard. Note the Polly Pocket table and chairs on the stone patio. That large plant there? I thought it was a hollyhock, as they are sprouting up in the oddest places around my house, but it turned out to be a pumpkin plant. It was very cool to Sam that the fairies had planted a pumpkin plant in their front yard. The seed came from Jake's puking jack-o-lantern that was in the front yard last Halloween...unfortunately the twonie-sized hail storm we had last week demolished the pumpkin plant. It was nearly 3 feet long by then and had beautiful flowers :( . Oh well.

Sammy Sunshine. I can't tell you how many pictures I have on my phone of my girl as we kill time at Wal Mart, waiting for Gramma to finish shopping.

Sam is pummeling Jacob. I'm sure he did something to deserve it haha. My boy has grown over 1 1/2" since the end of June and gone through 3 pairs of shoes. He just came to me to tell me that he needs new shirts because his are all too short. When we order pizza, we have to order one just for him haha. He's going to be 10 feet tall by the time he finishes junior high (but he will have to get through grade 6 first).

Anyway, off to do some stuff. Later.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Um...Tuesday. Again.

(Insert Edith Prickley type "pfft-HA" here)

I suck at titles. I excel at saving funny pictures from Pinterest, though...

Just got back from taking 2 kids to the pedicatrican for a shared appointment. For that, I deserve a medal. 
Nah...they're such good kids, I'm pretty lucky. I have no idea what I did to deserve good kids like these.

Yesterday, I decided to paint the trim in the basement bathroom that we had built LAST YEAR. The other day I was standing there...wondering, why are all these baseboards scuffed up? Why can't I clean the gross fingerprints off of this stupid door? I'll tell you why. BECAUSE NONE OF IT WAS EVER PAINTED. It was primed, albeit before it reached Home Depot. And then the contractor installed it all and the painter came...and somehow the walls got painted but not the trim or the door. And I just noticed it now. I hate painting. I liked it when we first moved in, because it was fun to paint our new home, but now it sucks. But the job is done, every paintbrush in the house is soaking in the sink and the 2 youngest have paint in their hair. Pfft-HA!!

It's going to be very warm today. I'm going to take my mom grocery shopping this afternoon while Jake and his cousin hang out at the skate park nearby. Kylie had a friend sleep over last night and I'm sure they won't get up until late afternoon...I know they were up all night watching movies. Too warm to sleep at night anyway, even in the basement.

Later, taters!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Sammy Sunshine is offering you a cupcake. Never mind that she licked that knife a hundred times before she dipped it back in the icing bowl. Never mind that ice cream cones taste like dirt after they're baked. 

Today is a day off and I am meeting my sister and her kids at my mom's for tea and goodies. Then I really need to go through Sam's room. I can't believe how many toys that kid has!! Nobody needs that much stuff. She will help me pull a few things to donate to Goodwill, and then I will pull a few more things while she is sleeping. Bad mommy.

We had a tornado warning last night, and today is the 25th anniversary of Black Friday here in Edmonton, where a tornado ripped through the outskirts of town and killed 27 people. The weather has been really funky lately, reminiscent of that time. Everyone here remembers where they were on that day. I was at home alone, age 15, and I called my best friend because I was pretty scared...she hung up on me because she was waiting for her boyfriend to call haha. 

I am working tomorrow for a few hours because someone needed the day off, then I think I may take the kids to a dollar movie. I should weed the garden, too.

Later :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

I'm back, bit--- um...baby! I'm back, baby!!

I have a bad word stuck in my head and I use it far too often. My husband told me so it must be true (tee hee). Must find new word.

So how are ya?? I'm ok. Haven't sewed a darn thing in months...or made a craft, for that matter. With Sam, it's her way or the highway lately, so craft time involves sticking a bunch of pink heart stickers on popsicle sticks or something like that. She has no interest in doing what Mummy wants right now. That's ok, one day she will find her way back to me at craft time :) . I will let her take the lead. If you need to dwell in the past, see this post.  That should tide you over for a while. I *did* buy a pattern for Sam's Halloween costume today and some fabric...it was just too good of a deal to pass up. 

Sammy Sunshine just finished swimming lessons for the summer and the big kids aren't doing a whole lot of anything. But that is just fine with me...summer should be about doing whatever you feel like without sticking to a schedule. I love that about summer :) .

What else?? Work is good...I gave up my Saturdays because it's just getting to be too hard. There is so much going on around here on Saturdays and my poor husband was left holding the bag (a bag full of yardwork, housework and 3 kids). My office hired a really great young lady who is just fresh out of school and she has taken over my Saturday shift. Such a nice girl, I hope she stays with us. 

Anyway, I'll throw in a few pictures here:

My babies!! This was my Mother's Day gift: a picture of all three kids. I told them, I don't care what you wear/what your hair looks like/where you are. I just want one stinking picture. And I got it :) 

 Sammy Sunshine wanted a 'Canada' shirt for Canada Day. I found a plain shirt in her closet and then we found a fun idea on Pinterest: tape off two rectangles, paint them in, then make a hand print maple leaf for the middle of the flag. It turned out super cute.

Canada Day fireworks seen from Telus Park. Next year we will sit on the other side, and maybe we will get the big idea to find a great place for fireworks somewhat earlier in the day...and not @10 at night, when we Googled "where to watch Canada Day fireworks in Edmonton" . Whatever, we still got to see the fireworks from a pretty reasonable distance.

Sammy Sunshine and her edible paper gingerbread house. It was a little kit from her Christmas stocking, we just got around now to putting it together. It tasted like paper. Yuk.

This is our fairy garden in our front yard. We made it out of rocks and junk we found in the house and yard...I bought plastic flowered grass at Dollarama because I couldn't wait for real plants to grow, and the doors/windows were gifted from a wonderful friend :) . I wanted something immediate for Sam to play in and enjoy. She has rearranged the rocks and sidewalk a few times, and sticks the odd dandelion flower in there for decoration.

This is actually what it looks like now (8 weeks later)...the tiny plants grew from seeds that the boulevard elms threw down...Sam and I pull the trees that block the fairy's sidewalk so they can get into their house. That large plant is (I think) a hollyhock. There are some hollyhocks that have appeared on the side of my house, in a little area that we have sort of forgotten about. I guess Mother Nature didn't forget...she threw some daisies in there as well. Anyway, we staked up the hollyhock tree (that Sam thinks the fairies planted) with a chopstick so it doesn't hang over the fairy's sidewalk. Next year we will plant real flowers and moss...and I would like some sort of climbing flower for the trellis on the back. 

Anyway, talk to you later. It's time for bed here!