Thursday, March 25, 2010

iPhone Pics.

Making pizza at Gramma's...

We were bored on a Saturday night, so we drove to Sherwood Park for coffee...



Kylie on Scott's bike at the Santa's Anonymous 2009 Toy Run at Capilano Mall...

My babies :D

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday :)


Sam has discovered the joy of making Fruit Loop bracelets lol. I have to find some shoestring licorice to make necklaces next week.

Well, I'm down to posting once a week. I look back when I was pregnant and I was posting multiples times a day lol...

Just came back from a very informative dinner meeting with our previous school principal. She moved on to a bigger school in a fancy-pants area of town, with 300 more students and apparently 300 more problems. Turns out that people with money can be hugely uneducated, small-minded bigots. Who knew??? There are a lot of kids at our school that come from poor families...but after tonight, I feel more sorry for the kids that come from those old-money families at her new school. They're lucky to have her as their principal...if only the parents can keep their big mouths shut and let her do her job.

I'm Googling a program for Kylie, something called the Pre-Advancement Placement Program. Her teacher is very big on getting her into this program in her junior high in the fall...I'm not sold so far. Would it be better to have a kid excel in the mainstream program or do just ok in the advanced program? Of course, she could possibly do very well in the advanced program...I dunno. I shall present the facts to her and let her make the final decision. Maybe that's because I don't want to be the one responsible for that decision...

Jacob has filled my camera to the brim with Lego pictures. He is getting really good at stop-motion photography, and can spend an entire evening setting up scenes and writing scripts. On Thursday, his friend is coming over to shoot a movie with our old video camera, where they'll run around with their Nerf guns...shooting zombies or robots or whatever they think up. On Friday, a different set of friends is coming over to shoot movies. I love their imagination :) .

Well, I'm off to bed. Good night, everyone :) .

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So I wasn't feeling very well last night...had a long evening nap on the couch, then went to bed when Scott sent the kids to bed.

Sometime between 5pm yesterday and 3pm house imploded. Junk everywhere, dirty footprints, piles of laundry, 2 sinks full of dishes, my bed isn't made and there is a pile of PAC paperwork on the kitchen table that needs to be done.

So I figure the best way to combat this disaster is... catch up on blogs lol. Meh, the house can wait :D .


The Worst Housewife *Ever*.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thoughts. And stuff.

I lost a whole hour this morning!! That stinks lol...for some reason I was thinking that I was gaining an hour today. Gah.

So we've gone back to our original travel plans of going to Maui...condo and flights are booked, rental car secured...thank goodness for travel agents. Since we've never been anywhere, ever, it was so wonderful to have someone that knew what they were doing and could basically suggest everything under the sun and answer every question we had. Of course, we're on our second travel agent though...the first one was nice, but didn't seem to know much and wasn't answering our questions the first or even second time we asked lol...

Kylie and Sam both have cute dresses for our 'vow refreshing' (we're going with that because it seems like saying 'vow renewal' means you're destined for divorce). I think I've basically given up on my search for a dress. I hate having my arms uncovered, and just feel like a dolt in a skirt, so I've resigned myself to a lacy top that I found at H&M and some fun white capris. I think I would feel like a clown if I did end up buying a dress lol.

Today, Scott is giving the car a bath so that he can take some pretty pictures and hopefully sell it. He bought a truck this week: a Chevy Avalanche...holy hugeness, batman. I'll ride in it, but no way am I driving that thing. But I did say the same thing about my Transport van...and now I take the corners on 2 wheels in that thing lol.

Well, off to wash walls...hooray for Sundays :) .
Later, taters.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Household Binders

My mom has always been a big fan of binders...I guess that's where I get it from. We never throw them out, just scrub them with baking soda paste and fix them with duct tape. My neighbour is a teacher, and she was throwing out this giant box of binders and used-one-side paper (great for Sam's artwork)...when she offered it to me, I thought I had struck gold ROFL!!! I keep a lot of things in, recipes...even our trip to Hawaii is contained in a binder right now. Anyhoo, I thought I would share my Household Project binder with you.

This binder in particular has been with me for nearly 20 years, since I studied drafting at NAIT. After I graduated, it was my wedding planning binder, and since that fateful day (lol) it has held our Household Projects.

First, the binder (note the duct tape holding the corner together):

The inside cover:
Photobucket Scotty professing his love for me so long ago...

So this binder is divided into the following categories:

Lighting and Electrical
Living Room
Bathrooms and Plumbing
Small Jobs
Medium Jobs
Big Jobs

The binder holds magazine articles, pictures, sketches, brochures, etc. Anything that we think could be cool in our house or information that we may need in the future. For the Lighting and Electrical category, I wrote down the type of breaker that Scott bought when he put in an outlet in the dining room for our portable air conditioner:
In the outdoor category, I have a brochure from the City on how to care for your lawn without using chemicals and the business card from the company that delivered our red rock for the front yard. What's that, hubby? You're bored? Pull out the binder and pick a job from the Small Job category. Patch a hole...hang that picture...fix that drawer. This junk sure comes in handy....especially when you realize that you're getting older and don't retain information like you used to. Oh, the joys of middle age :) .

Oh, and one more picture that has nothing to do with my binder but is still really awesome:
Photobucket squirt lid collection in action (mustard squirt lid on the Kikkoman bottle). I haven't featured my lids in a while. I'm sure this has been weighing heavily on your mind, so...they're doing well, thank you for asking :D .

Over and out!

Monday, March 1, 2010

I feel like sewing!

Hmmm...those quilts looks reasonably simple...I might tackle a quilt project this week. I think it might be a decent birthday gift for my kids' Uncle T, the super awesome uncle from this post . I feel like sewing today, for the first time in a long time, but I have a giant pile of mending that I'll do first.

I think I'll drag out the felt this week, too...I'm seeing so many cute little kawaii barrettes and pins that Kylie would love. I'm sure I'll get frustrated half way through the first project, farting around with all of those little pieces and give up lol. Reminds me of the last time I sewed Barbie clothes, 10 years ago for Kylie.

Whew! That's enough projects for one week, hey? OK, one more:

Isn't this mirror awesome?? I would love it for my dining room. There is a large mirror shoved behind the work bench in the basement, I have to dig it out and see what condition its in. Maybe that will have to wait until the plumbers are gone :) .

Later, taters :) .