Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sour candy spray

Kylie taught Jake that he could spray that junky, sour apple spray from Dollarama into the bottle's cap...creating, in essence, a sour shot.

You would think that after he tasted how unbelievably horrible the first sour shot was, that he wouldn't do it again. Well...

Here is shot #3...I missed the first couple of shots because I was nursing Sam...I yelled for Kylie to fetch me the camera as I laughed so hard that I was crying...

Shot #4...

Shot #5... maybe he's getting used to it, this face isn't as bad...

Shot #6...nope, still yucky lol...he's having to lean on the wall for support...

When I was a kid, I didn't understand the draw to sour candy...yuk!!! I think I tasted it once, and then that was that. As an adult, I just like the faces that kids make when they eat it: that's definitely the best part lol.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pics issues are cleared up. We got rid of that retarded Vista garbage and are back to XP. Tell me, is there anyone in the entire world that likes Vista???

Sam and I in a post-bath fort. She loves this...always bringing me a tea towel or her jacket to put over our heads.

Scott won a Valentine's Day basket at work, and these great word magnets were in it (the Star Wars magents are Jake's). My big kids have been kept busy making lots of silly sentences.

From this...

Photobucket this. My first time sewing with knits (I am so proud). Sam and I are starting parented swim lessons soon and for some reason she had no top to match this swim diaper. So I found a t-shirt that I don't wear anymore and chopped it up to make a halter top to go with it. I think I've used the pattern in the above picture about a million times since Kylie was a toddler. I don't like Big 3 patterns, but this is one that was a definite keeper. Scott finally let me cut up his favourite Indy t-shirt (orange) to make the fish applique on the front of the halter. I've wanted to make a great diaper out of it since forever, but Sam doesn't really need more diapers...maybe I'll use the rest of the shirt for a little sun dress or something??? I don't know, I'll have to think about that one.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I have issues. But you knew that already.

Computer issues will keep me away...please don't email the address, because I just can't get into it right now, don't know why.

I'll see you soon :) .

Friday, February 20, 2009


Psst...hey you. Yeah, you. Did you hear? March is mending month at Craftzine! I'm so excited, I can hardly contain myself. I think mending has become one of my favourite things to do...nothing is more satisfying than mending something properly and neatly, I dare say.

But anyway, moving on...

I've been tagged by Josie . You can check out her blog and see her cute knitting and sewing projects!

So here goes (I'll do both tags, Josie, because I'm not sure which one I was supposed to do lol):
TAG: pick the fourth picture in your fourth photo file and describe it.

This is Kylie and I paddle boating (ha! you can barely see me, and I know you're squinting and leaning in closer to the monitor to try and make out what I look like lol). This was taken this past summer at the Valley Zoo here in Edmonton. It was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun.

Second part of the tag:

List 6 random things about yourself

Tag 6 people at the end of your post

Let each person know they have been tagged

Hmm...6 random things...

  1. I refuse to let my husband wear Winnie the Pooh shirts that he has gotten as gifts. Honestly, since when does a 40 year old man walk around wearing a Tigger shirt???
  2. This past fall, I tried dressing like a grown-up when I went out...just to Wal Mart or whatever. Yeah, didn't work. I'm back to hoodies, jeans and runners. It honestly felt like Dress Up Corner in playschool or something every day.
  3. I can't sit still through a movie on tv...I can't remember the last movie I watched all the way through. I'm always getting up look for something, get something to hand-sew while I sit, etc. We tried watching a bunch of movies last summer and it took me 3 weeks to watch one (Scarface).
  4. I stink at cooking. I always mess up in some part of the recipe.
  5. I love the Doodlebops! I love the songs, the costumes, and my favourite Doodlebop is Rooney. Although Moe is pretty cool, too :) . My husband will not accompany me to a concert, though, and Sam is still too young to sit through one. Some day, though!!!
  6. My math/counting skills suck. See, I had to come back to this post and re-read it...there have only been five items here since early this morning. I just added #6 lol. Can you believe that I'm Parent Council treasurer at school ? ROFL!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Edit: source of story removed because I answered the phone after she read this. Darnit, I knew I shouldn't have answered the phone!

"Mrs. J., my old neighbour, had a baby on the bathroom floor. She just thought she had to go and when she sat down the baby fell out. But it took her husband a while to cut the cord, because it was his day off, so he wasn't wearing his leg...he had to go look for it...and then he found the scissors to cut the cord...and after he cut the cord, then he called the ambulance. That man hated the Germans because he fought in the war, and that's how he lost his leg. Mrs. J. really watched her weight...all she ate was jello and all she drank was black coffee as soon as she put on a bit of weight."

ROFL...Mrs. J had 9 children in a tiny WWII 3 bedroom house.

I could also tell you about the phone conversations that I this one lady I know and her friends talk about who is dead and who is still alive...and how a lot of her friends are in denial that they are hard-of-hearing so they won't wear a hearing aid, so the phone conversations are like this:

"No, he's dead but she's still alive. No...I SAID HE'S DEAD! DEAD! NO, SHE'S STILL ALIVE!...WHAT???"

LOL...*sigh*...I'm really gonna hear it in the morning lol. I just won't answer my phone lol.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ah, love is in the air. Jacob is screeching over my shoulder, "I hate girls! Don't tell anyone I gave out valentines today!" . Your secret is safe with me, my friend (wink).

So here is a sampling of our Valentine's Day fodder:

First off, Kylie's crafts for her dearest friends, her BFFs. Two kitties and a squirrel from The Cute Book . She wasn't into hand-sewing them, and I wasn't going to force the issue, so she machine-sewed/glued these ones. I was quite impressed with her French knots! She paired these with a few High School Musical valentines, and was set. She also made a really cute heart-doily-type valentine for her teacher, but I neglected to get a picture. As usual, Jake refused to do any crafting at all. He slapped his name on some Star Wars valentines and called it a day. Although he did make Scott and I a really cute card at school that I shall treasure always. Kylie says that only 2 boys in her grade 5 class gave out valentines this year. *Sniff*...but they're only babies, are they already too cool for this holiday???

For the party at school, Kylie wanted to make a cupcake-cake, so we settled on this design (I think we saw it originally at Safeway). The cherry on the top is a pic we found online, printed it, then covered it with clear Mactac. I think we will have to think of something new to take to the next would not believe the amount of cupcakes the kids brought today lol. This was easy enough for Kylie to do almost all on her own...from baking the cupcakes to decorating. I did supervise, though, and helped wield the icing bag.

For each of the big kids, a Domo mp3 cozy. Jake's is orange, Kylie's is brown. I was going to give it to them on Valentine's Day but there is just too much floating around in my sewing corner right now and I didn't want to forget where I put them.

Well, this doesn't have anything to do with Valentine's Day per se...Kylie sewed this hat for herself, with a pattern that we designed together, and it was her very first sewing project where she mastered feeding the fabric through the sewing machine while operating the knee pedal. How cool is that??? She saw it online somewhere, I don't know where.

Saturday night is our traditional candle-lit Valentine's Day family dinner. We are having chicken cordon bleu, pasta alfredo and salad. I still haven't settled on a dessert yet, but I think I will leave that part up to the kids to decide.

Later, taters.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And the winner is...



Jacob's creation was actually, in his words: "sumo wrestler underwear"
...but that's what he calls all thong underwear lol.
So 10 points to you...enjoy :) .

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oh. My. God.

Below is a listing of all the articles that I have replaced zippers in since October 2008:
  • Kylie's old white winter jacket
  • Jacob's brand new winter jacket
  • Sam's snowsuit (which used to be Kylie's, which used to be her cousin's, etc)

And now for a list of things, all of which the zippers have broken in just the last few weeks!

  • Jake's hoodie
  • Sam's hoodie
  • Kylie's new winter coat, barely a month old...but no point in returning it because I paid less than $20 for it on clearance when it's worth well over $75

Why do clothing manufacturers put in cruddy zippers to begin with? Hmm? And why does all this happen *after* I let my Fabricland membership lapse, in a form of protest, because their fabric selection hasn't changed in ten years??? Meaning, I have to drive clear across town to Marshall's to buy new zippers, and hope they have a decent colour selection. Argh!

Well, off to rip out yet another zipper...

Friday, February 6, 2009


OK, someone please tell me this purse is cool, even if you don't believe it. I paid $6 for it at VV and was really happy, as it is big enough for all my junk. Then my friend showed me her $200 Fossil bag and now I have a bit or purse envy going on. So my purse is cool...right ??? Right???

More adventures with Costco boxes. "Look, Mom, I'm a cat!", Jake exclaimed. Um...ok, you're a cat??? If you get this, please fill me in, as I have no idea how he's a cat with a box on his bum...

This is how Sam plays with Jake. She takes him by the hand, pushes him to the floor, and sits on him. Then she smacks him, pulls his hair, tickles his belly and tells him he's stinky (" ooh...kinky!" she says, as she waves her hand in front of her face). And he lays there and takes it, because that's the kind of big brother he is :) .

Not too many of these opportunities left...the big kid falls asleep on the Daddy. Please note that my husband is wearing two baseball caps at the same time. No, he is not Peruvian royalty...he merely found some great hats at Goodwill that day and couldn't decide which one to wear, so he wore both at once. Something else I don't get.

Sammy had a fight with a cupcake and it looks like the cupcake won.

Alright, guess what this is. Jake made it out of some plastic chain, but I'm not going to tell you what it is that he made. And I don't have a prize to give you, you just get 10 points. It's none of my business what you do with your points :) .

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Felt Food patterns

OK, I don't have a clue as to how to post a PDF file here, so for anyone who has contacted me in regards to the felt food patterns that I have, contact me it through a comment here or email me and I will be happy to email you my patterns.

Use them to produce food that you may sell or give away, but please don't sell my pattern. As if anyone would pay good money for them anyway lol.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Welcome to the Poop Deck!

Ok, seriously...I've had that post title in my head for three and a half years!!! LOL...*sigh*...finally.

There just aren't enough pirate-themed rooms out there. Who says that you can only do a pirate theme in little kid's bedrooms??? Huh???

So after nearly 4 years in this house, I picked up some frames and laminated the kid's art work so that (hopefully) the moisture doesn't wreck them. Matted with scrapbook paper (because God knows I won't use it for scrapbooking lol) and decorated with stickers. Kylie did the treasure map, and Jacob did the Jolly Roger flag. The sign above the pictures was bought for 60% off after Halloween at Michael's and I love it because it announces a "booty contest" in my bathroom lol. I apologise for the poor pictures, I was trying to cut down on the reflections in the frames.





I went to Home Depot, looking for skinny shelves for my pirate duckies, and didn't find a stupid thing! I really despise that place. Not the point lol. I bought these little wooden trays from Dollarama and painted them black, and Scott figured out the placement. I still need to paint the screws black so they don't stand out so much, but I am onto other things. Get off my back already lol!

...oh, and I put this really stinky air freshener in the bathroom that smells like coconut and cherries. Now it smells like a tropical island. Maybe it should smell more like pirates? Ew, can you imagine???