Sunday, October 25, 2009


Last week the roads were so slippery with the new snow, that I slid down the road and hit a curb...doing a HUGE number to my husband's car :( . Jacob made a snowman after school and we taught Sam how to throw snow balls.

This week, it's fall. How does that happen???







I bet you thought you'd never see the day where I would post a picture of myself...but I don't mind this one. Kylie took it today at the Leg. grounds. It's teeny so as to minimize the fact that I'm not wearing make up (wouldn't know where to put it!) and then you can't see the wrinkles... bwah ha ha...

Blah part deux.

That's French. Fancy, huh?

I feel all floopy. My brain is on a ten second delay head is spinning and I have to go to work tonight. Blaaaaah...

Welcome to flu season.

Monday, October 19, 2009


I still have nothing to say. So I'll just type a bunch of gibberish, uh-k? K!

I am working the before-school and after-school shift at the school Scholastic book fair. It's fun, I like it. Kylie and her friends helped me hang posters this morning and I perused the books. I'm not a book buyer...seems like a waste of money. Did I give anyone a heart attack with that comment? If I feel the need to buy Sam a stack of awesome board books that she can't rip apart, I head to Goodwill. The library costs me $12 for an entire year of books, movies, Wii games and magazines. I can go as often as I want to exchange them. There's a pot store across the street with lots of interesting people coming and going (mostly kids from the nearby high school)...I watch them from the window while Sam sits on the floor and plays with Lego. There's a transvestite prostitute that hangs out at the 7-11 across the street from the pot store, she's very entertaining. My 'hood is very colourful in the fall :) .

Jacob turned 8 the other day and we had the funnest, most coolest party for him ever. I really don't like little boy parties, because I just can't keep up with them but this party was perfect :) . We had beautiful weather on Sunday, couldn't have asked for a better day. I will post pictures when I get around to it. Maybe.

Jacob just finished practicing guitar, and his lesson this week was (get this): Iron Man by Black Sabbath. How cool is that??? I was so worried his lessons would consist of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Mary Had a Little Lamb, all the junk I hated about my own music lessons as a kid. He doesn't even need to read the sheet music his teacher gave him, he has it memorized already (after 2 days!).

I sent Kylie downstairs half an hour ago to get something that she had wanted to show me before bed...and I think she forgot what she was doing and went to sleep lol. She wants an manga drawing kit that she saw in a Japanese magazine, and I'm really hoping that Michael's carries something similar. Although she blew her allowance at the book store yesterday...what else is new???

I was supposed to go to Aquasize tonight with a friend but our schedules didn't mesh, maybe next week. I've never been before. Kylie has gone a couple of times with her gym class and she says it's fun, so I'll give it a try.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

I have nothing to say. Well, 'cept this:

"Is there any way we can force *** and **** into a “Thunderdome“-style death match and let someone else raise these children? They could host it on Pay Per View and the proceeds would go toward the kids’ psychiatric care. But instead of “Two men enter, one man leaves,” it’s not over until they’re both dead. Or at least, unable to speak. That would be awesome."

I read it on one of my favourite celebrity gossip sites...not that I consider these pin-heads celebrities. More like celebrity wanna-be's.


Names have been removed because I don't want to contribute to the media frenzy that surrounds those poor babies :( .

So who counted the asterisks to figure out what the names are LOL?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ode to The Boy


I love this boy.

He's so much like me some days...he's so emotional but he has the best sense of humour. His Bobby Lee impressions are spot-on, and he makes me laugh daily.

Other days, he's not like me at all. He loves a party. Loves being the centre of attention. Loves having lots and lots of other kids to play with.

He needs a haircut (again).

He thinks girls stink (even though every girl in his class has a crush on him, and I'm not even exaggerating). I kid you not, the girls chase him every single recess. I wonder what they'll do if they ever catch him?

He started guitar lessons today, and the look on his face when he talks about music is absolutely priceless. I joked about how one day, Axe will set up a table for him to sign autographs...and the girls will be lined up around the block, jumping up and down and screaming, "WE LOVE YOU JACOB!!!"...and he didn't even get grossed out when I said that. He absolutely beamed with pride.

And I'm going to be the first girl in line :) .

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Open Letter to the Crazy Crack-Head Lady

***Disclaimer: no, this is not about you. If you are on my blogroll, you are a real life or online, you are my friend. I honestly couldn't resist this today, it has to be done.

Dear Crazy Crack-Head Lady;

Oh my God!!! You are bat-shit crazy, not even the good kind of crazy now!!! Holy crap, get some help!!! I know you look all healthy and stuff, but clearly you are not...this isn't even funny anymore.

Yours tuly;
Kylie's Mom.