Monday, February 22, 2010


Yay! Going to Hawaii, going to Hawaii!!!!! Scared crapless of flying, but oh well.

Watching TV in a box lol. They played with that box for was a spaceship, a car, a club house, a bed. The inside is completely covered with crayon, with just a touch on the outside.

Zombiebot, from the book Crobots . Poor guy, he's definitely seen better days. I still have to finish another robot and the Hello Kitty changepurse...just don't feel like it right now. The plumber is coming in the next couple of days to plan out the basement bathroom so I need to declutter that corner. Ooooh, treasure hunting :D . I'm sure after a few hours of that I'll feel like crocheting again.

Three dish sponges, each measuring around 4"x5" . A skein of self-striping cotton yarn makes 3 of them. Crochet a rectangle, alternating sc and hdc, fold in half then sc around the whole thing.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Le sigh...

I'm BORED. Bored out of my mind. And I'm bored of crochet right now, too lol.

Scott is working late tonight. I've called him 3 times, hoping that the sound of my lovely voice would entice him into coming home. That usually works, actually...but not tonight. A three-day weekend makes for a short work week, which makes for
overtime on a Friday night to catch up. Poop.

Jake and Sam are playing in a large cardboard box, and Sam is yelling at Jake because his feet are stinky lol. Kylie is reading a book. I've made supper but no one is it sits cold on the stove.

I picked up a book on crocheting socks from the library, but I just don't feel like it right now. I think I'm going to throw on my froggy pj pants and make some coffee...maybe pull out the Simpson's Clue board game and beg the kids to play with me. That won't be too hard. The Smithers game piece is dressed in a French maid costume...
hee hee, that makes me giggle every time :) .

Later, taters!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Body Parts...

This is how Scott and I spent Valentine's Day: He sat on the couch watching TV, holding my yarn, while I sat in the chair crocheting. How romantic lol.

By the end of the weekend, I had this much finished: a load of body parts, which will end up being 2 robots, 2 changepurses and a lemur. I was able to get a good portion done while we watched Zombieland. Aren't you so proud, I didn't even fall asleep!! I thought I was incapable of sitting through an entire movie!

Domo change purse for Kylie's friend. It has a zipper and is lined with Moda sock monkeys fabric. I thought: if you were to open up a Domo, what would you find in its tummy? Sock monkeys seems perfectly reasonable. I'm not really happy with him...he looks kind of grade-school, know what I mean? But I filled him with pink chocolate hearts and a strawberry lip balm to make up for his ugly-ness.

Jacob's lemur. So many little parts...I'm not sure that I would do a guy like this again.

I hope to finish 2 robots tonight...there's a lot of embroidery, though, so maybe not until next week's post lol.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Things. And stuff...

Kylie and her BFF, sporting their new tote bags. We had gone to West Edmonton Mall in search of Tokidoki stuff and ended up at House of Bags, a little kiosk in the mall (Phase III). We did find a Tokidoki bag but Kylie fell in love with this cute flying pig bag instead. The bag is printed with the same saying, over and over again:

"I made a nice dream under the stars sky. You flied to me suddenly."

LOL...that makes no sense at all. Kylie's friend M picked up a Domo bag. Now I've got the big idea in my head that each bag requires a matching crocheted coin purse. Ugh.

Speaking of crochet, I've noticed that it's almost as much fun to buy new yarn as it is to buy fabric (which I don't buy anymore). I already have a Rubbermaid tote filled to exploding with various acrylic yarn...then I discovered crocheting with cotton. Luuuuuuuv it. I would like to toss all of my acrylic yarn in favour of cotton. So expensive though :( .

Next time I need varigated yarn, I'm going to try this: Josie's post on dyeing wool with Kool-aid . I had no idea you could do that. Another project to add to the "need to try this" file...along with the projects in this book:

...I just picked it up from the library today. There is a baby robot, a geisha robot and a zombie robot, among others. They're cuter than all get-out, aren't they??

Well, back to the crocheting. I'm hoping I can have the girls' coin purses done for Valentine's day. Eek, that's on Sunday!!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Jacob built a tent for Sam out of blankets and chairs...I love that Aqua Doodle, the neighbour gave it to Sam for Christmas. Sam is drawing people with arms and legs, and crazy hair that sticks up everywhere--kind of like herself lol.

Kylie with her nose in a book, as usual. She still hasn't decided on a Junior High yet, so we will be going to 2 open houses come March. I can't believe how fast this has come up on us! Seems like just yesterday she was starting
Kinder :( .

Sam, playing in the sink...her favourite activity lately. If I want to clean the bathroom I just throw some bubbles and a few toys in there and she splashes and has a blast. Darn it, I'm going to miss this bathroom sink: the drain pipe is cracked so we have to replace it. I know the cold water tap/hot water tap thing is sort of a pain in the bum when you have kids...but I love this old junk.

This is what I was doing while Sam was splashing: I was sitting on the toilet, working on replacing yet ANOTHER zipper. No word of a lie, I have replaced 9 zippers in various coats and snowsuits in the last 2 winters. I swear, they make these things to last no longer than 3 months. And they're all in brand new coats, not the previously-enjoyed stuff from VV or Goodwill.
Now I'm just wondering how long it will be until someone will ask me if I was pants-up or pants-down as I was sitting on the, it was pants-up. The Jolly Roger p.j. pants are mine :) .

So tired...time for bed. Later, taters :) .

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Monday morning, we played a bit of hookie and headed to the Art Gallery of Alberta. Jake stood by the van as I plugged the meter and looked at the building with a furrowed brow, and said: "Was there some kind of accident here??". I'll admit, I think it looks a bit odd, too...definitely nothing like the other buildings downtown lol. Inside, we headed out on our guided tour. Our tour guide told us that the curves and waves of metal are representative of the North Saskatchewan river...and were produced by a factory that builds airplanes in Kansas City. Just a tidbit of information for you there :) .

The displays were really neat, Kylie especially liked
The Murder of Crows was pretty cool, 98 speakers set up throughout the entire 3rd floor of the gallery, and you just wander around, listening. Each speaker conveys a different sound, so you get a different perspective in every area of the room. It is a little scary, as it depicts someone's nightmare, but it was very cool :) .

We spent a little too much time in the Fransisco Goya room, which depicted the atrocities of war through a display of pencil drawings of people being tortured and murdered. Jacob has this thing for Napoleon lately...he is just enthralled with the fact that someone so small and mean could be so powerful over so many people. Of course, Jake's Napoleon ideals come from his favourite movie of late, "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure", where Napoleon conquers a waterpark lol.

I really wanted to spend some more time in the De Gas room, but we were scooted out the door as there were 4500 more people that they wanted to get through the gallery on that day. In a few weeks, we'll meet up with Scott after work and spend some more time there.

I'm still not convinced that Edmonton needed this $80 million, just seeing that amount of money in print makes me wince!
Later, taters ;) .