Friday, May 29, 2009

It kills!!! Bwah ha ha ha...

I would give credit to whatever site I got this recipe from, but I don't remember. So I'll say I got it from my mom, who emailed me the same recipe a few weeks ago...
This spray works awesome for killing those pesky dandelions that pop up in sidewalk cracks or along the know, the ones that you can't yank out of the ground :) .


1 L vinegar
1/2 cup of salt
1 tbsp of liquid dish soap
Pour all ingredients into a spray bottle and shake very well. Works best on hot sunny days. Spray directly into the center of the dandelion, and make sure to spray the leaves. The dish soap helps the mixture stick to the leaves so it doesn't run off. Be careful, though, this will also kill grass or flowers or whatever else it happens to touch. Shake before every use.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Dionne Quints


Just a point of interest...have you ever heard of the famous Dionne Quints? The were born to an Ontario family during the depression and were soon taken away by the government, who told the family that they would give them a better life.

They were raised behind a mesh screen, and admission was charged to watch them play. Uniformed policeman kept the crowds at bay. They sold autographs and souvenir postcards and pamphlets documenting the quints' birth. According to the posted link, "Quintland had equalled the Niagara Falls as the biggest tourist attraction in Canada".

Can someone please tell me what the difference is between the train wreck airing on TLC and the Dionne Quints? And I will say that I used to love that I can't stomach to watch it.

It's sad what some people will do for fame and fortune. If you are still a fan, that's fine...just wanted to post my two cents.

Thursday, May 21, 2009



I had a super crappy day last week and couldn't bare the thought of we had ice cream for supper. Scott was so happy he jumped up and down and clapped his hands lol. There's sliced bananas hiding in the bottom of the bowls, I swear.

Soccer season has started again...



On Mother's Day it was so nice that we played outside...Sammy ran from the Slip 'n Slide to the sandbox to the trampoline, making for a sandy, muddy mess of a toddler lol. The last pic is of Jake and the Splash Rocket, my favourite summer time toy.

Other friggin' snowed the other day. We woke up to snow everywhere, and the furnace kicking in. I guess I'm grateful that my raised garden bed isn't done yet because all of the plants would have frozen and late May. How friggin' stupid.

Oh, and I turned 37 sometime last week. My mom made me the best bulgogi (Korean BBQ) dinner and my fantastic, fabulous husband bought me a new Kenmore sewing machine. How cool is that?

I'm old. But I have a new machine, so that's ok :D .

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Video Favourites

I hesitated posting this video favourite of Jake's...and not because the video isn't appropriate for him to's because those boobs are obviously soooo fake. The first time I saw this video, I thought: I wonder why this poor girl's self-esteem is so low that she feels that, in order to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry, she has to dance in a crappy video in a multitude of bikinis. But then again, if I had her body, I think I would do everything in a bikini. Jake just likes the song, which is odd, because it's nothing at all like the hard rock that he usually goes for.

This is Kylie's current favourite. Big Bang is her favourite band right now (the boy band in the video -- this is a duet with a Korean girl band). I loaded her mp3 player with a whole bunch of their songs the other day, and she takes it to school and her and the other girls giggle and dance all over the playground while fighting over the earphones lol.

This is Sam's favourite, she hears the doink-ing sound (I don't know how else to describe it) at the beginning of the video and drops everything to run for the computer. Actually, I really like this one, too. It reminds me of when New Kids were cool (now they're just old people, like me).

Look, Sam's on the phone, telling all the monsters on Sesame Street about her favourite boy band :D .

Happy Mutha's Day!

Hope everyone had a good Mother's Day. Like every year, my big kids help Scott make some Pilsbury cinnamon rolls and apple turnovers and then Gramma comes over for coffee. This was the first year that I didn't have to pretend I was asleep while the kids cooked for me lol.



...note how Stewie is wishing me a "Happy Foul Mother's Day" lol. Jake knows I love Family Guy, so he asked Scott to help him wrap his gift to me.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Things *I* do.

I am soooo bored. Sam's sleeping, the house is clean, and it's here's a post about moi.
  • When Sam and I go to the mall, Sam always sits in the stroller. She's just now figuring out that it's more fun to get out and run around like her bum is on fire, but for now she still sits pretty well. During our walk down the mall, eventually we will meet a Gramma or a Grampa on a scooter or with one of those fancy walkers with the brakes on the handle grips...and we'll get to talking, usually about how sweet Sam's hair is or how she is such a talker. Then I challenge the Gramma or Grampa to a race. I always offer to give them a head start, and tell them that I don't have my racing shoes on, on that particular day...but they never take me up on it. Weird. I'm sure one day I'll have a taker...I can hope, anyway.

  • My husband is selling his old motorcycle on an online site. There is this email thingy, where you can send the seller an email directly from the site, so that they can see your email address but you can't see theirs. So I keep making up Hotmail addresses, and sending him questions, like "are there any sweat marks on the seat, 'cause that would be great" and "do you wear chaps when you ride? What do you wear underneath them? Do you have pictures?" . It's really a lot of fun. I'm not sure he thinks so, but so what???

  • While my husband is working on his bike in the driveway (which faces the alley) and I'm in the backyard, playing with Sam or cleaning up...I like to sing at the top of my lungs, in a really horrible singing voice. 2 of my favourites are "Complicated" by Avril Lavigne or "Bridging the Gap" by Nas. I got mad rap skills. It usually sends Kylie screaming into the house, because she's so mortified.

  • I enjoy posting nonsensical, self-indulgent posts on my blog...because it's just that, mine. Really, it's the only thing in the house that I don't have to share.

I really need to get my sewing machine fixed so that I have something to do instead of making these blog posts.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I should really post some pics, because my mom is going to be nagging me about that soon, I'm sure...but I don't feel like doing jack crap lately. Why is that?

We had the flu here over the weekend, and I had to call in sick to work. I *hated* that. But I was really, really sick...really sick. I'm not the kind to call in with just a cough, ya know? But having me barfing all over the keyboard, with a waiting room full of patients that are adamant that they have H1N1 wouldn't have been very professional.

My mom came over yesterday and helped me turn over my garden...actually, she did most of the work. Hopefully, if it stops raining, Scott and I will get my raised garden bed built this weekend and I can start planting. I have big plans...big plans. Yup, peas. That's all I'm planting is peas. Sam and I are going to sit in the grass and eat them all summer long, so they won't even make it into the house. I might plant a tomato plant...just so my mom will quit nagging me. I have some strawberry plants on the other side of the yard that aren't getting any sun...maybe I'll relocate those to my garden patch. Just so long as they don't interfere with my big pea patch plans.

Jacob started soccer last night, in the rain lol. I really thought that the fields would be closed, but they played anyway. He came home soaked to the bone, but ecstatic that he got to see his soccer friends again.

Jake is going through a weird phase...bailing on his chores. I'm sure it's completely normal, but Kylie didn't do this so I'm not sure how to handle this one. I went into his room last night to find his shin pads for soccer, and discovered that he 'hid' his clean laundry, rather than put it away. Honestly...I'm sure it took more time to think up hiding spots than to actually put the clean clothes in his it was funny, but infuriating all at the same time. And this isn't the first time he has done this...his last punishment was to do everyone's laundry (washed, dried, folded and put away with my supervision).

So my first thoughts are, you don't want to do the one chore that you had on Monday? Fine. You're doing every chore in the house this week. That will fix your wagon.

So far, he has helped with supper, set the table (his chore anyway), poured drinks (Scott's job), cleared the table (everyone's job), made Kylie's lunch as well as his own, and emptied the dishwasher (Kylie's job). I'm saving cleaning the bathroom and washing diapers for when he comes home from school. Bwah hah ha...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A picture to brighten your day (and mine)


Don't you remember when summer meant ripping off all of your clothes and then running around in circles on the trampoline, squealing at the top of your lungs and not caring who saw or heard you?

I don't remember that either, but I wish this was me...

Friday, May 1, 2009