Friday, September 3, 2010

My anal approach to grocery shopping.

When we moved into this house, we bought a large bulletin/white board from Goodwill...or maybe it was Restore, I forget. Anyway, we got the big idea to use a Sharpie to section off permanent columns and then use the wipe-off markers to write our ongoing lists. This is what our board looks like:
There are lists for Wal Mart, Superstore and Home Depot. There is also a space to keep track of how much allowance I owe the kids and I can erase those amounts when I pay them out. There is also a list for Dollarama, but not this week. Anyway, when it comes time for a trip to Superstore I transfer everything that I need to this list:
Scott made it for me in Excel, which I have absolutely no idea how to use (and no desire to learn, either). The list used to be in pretty good order until Superstore renovated, so I should really move around a few sections on this list. When I get home from shopping, I erase all of the items on the white board (leaving the items that Superstore was sold out of, so I can pick them up on the next trip). The list is formatted to print 2 to a page, and I use the back side of newsletters and junk that the kids bring home from school.
I find this stuff absolutely thrilling lol...

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