Monday, January 31, 2011


I am so over winter.

I have had enough.

It is cold outside. It is cold in my house. It is especially cold in the basement, where I need to be today (painting).

Sammy has a closet full of really cute dresses that she should be wearing but she can't. I have a pile of cute fabrics with skulls and pink Medusa heads and Kawaii characters that need to be made into more cute dresses. But I made myself promise that I wouldn't sew a thing until Jake's room renos were done and the snow was gone.

Winter sucks and I wish it would go away.


Nico said...

I agree! Winter sucks really really really bad. Hope your painting project is going better though ;-)

mackey said...

I have the winter blues too.

Coolcook said...

I am so sick of Savannah, I miss the snow already

Coolcook said...

I do not like Savannah, could someone rescue me? I am here for a while longer but I am not happy. Murphy's Law went into effect as soon as I got here, need I say more.