Friday, February 24, 2012


Well, hello there. It's a beautiful snowy day here...thought we were done with that winter crap, but I guess not. It snowed pretty hard yesterday.

I worked yesterday, and we had a pretty good day. The office is renovating, so our office space has been cut down by more than half but there is still usually full staff. But 2 girls called in sick yesterday so it was ok. Those 2 aren't very useful so if they're not there then I can get more done. I wish they would just quit, actually.

I'm thinking of painting the bathroom. It needed painting anyway, but then Kylie decided to dye her hair a deep chocolate brown and splashed dye all over the walls. So guess who's going to help me paint??  Ha ha, that'll teach her.

This is Pee Pee Baby. Pee Pee Baby has clothes and diapers, but she is always naked because it's fun to pour water in her eyes and then watch it dribble all over the floor. Fun for Sam, that is, not for me.

This is a chair in our waiting room where a contractor sat the other day as he was telling me about...I don't know, renovating stuff. I wasn't really listening because I was trying to do a million other things at once. I just thought it was funny that he left a butt print on a chair in the waiting room so I took a picture. 

Sam's heart-shaped sandwiches that she took for her school snack today. 

Well, that's about it for my week. My sister is coming for coffee pretty soon, Sam is at preschool and I will go to work this afternoon. Now I'm off to finish my coffee and do some laundry.

Later :)

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Jennifer said...

lol, funny ass print.