Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Jacob, modelling on the new lawn. Like everyone else with an iPhone, I'm a talented photographer now. Just so you know.

I would like to know whom in this house is hogging all the internet tonight...it took forever for Blogger to load. I know that sounds stupid, no one can hog the internet. But there is a laptop and a game system in the basement, and a laptop and iPad being used up here so *someone* is responsible for this. Whatevs, I'm on now.

We just got back from seeing Hotel Transylvania and it was pretty boring, even for the kids. Sam is really into Halloween right now; she watches 'It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown' every day after school and begs me to tell her the story of Frankenstein every night. This is my version:

Once upon a time, there was an evil scientist that lived in an evil laboratory all alone. He had no one to watch tv with, no one to go for walks with and no one to help him do the dishes. One night he got a great idea! He was going to make a new friend! So he grabbed the biggest suitcase he had and walked down to the cemetary after the rest of the town had gone to sleep.

He dug up all the graves with his big shovel and took one arm from this one...one leg from this one...a bum from this one...a big tummy from this one...(etc, etc) until he had his suitcase stuffed right full. Then he took all the pieces home and sewed them all together until he had a new friend to do things with. They lived happily ever after. The end.

At this point, Sam will giggle like crazy and beg me to tell it again. If I was a better mother, I probably would find that story completely inappropriate for a 5 year old. But I'm not so that's ok :)

We had a very long-winded PAC meeting today where the principal read statistics from a sheet. For half an hour. I *hate* meetings that end up like that. It is my belief that this is why parents don't go to meetings, is because of presentations like that: monotonous number crunching and comparisons on those stupid province-wide tests. I hate them, I couldn't care less if my kids write them or not. We also had a surprise presentation by the reading recovery teacher (an early intervention program for kids that really need help with reading). I understand that there are some kids out there who need this...but quite honestly, there are 4 parents who go to these meetings regularly and that doesn't apply to any of our kids. Pick a speaker when you have the appropriate audience. I hate that shit, don't waste my time, I could have been home washing dishes or helping Jake with his math homework.

Tomorrow, I am off work and intend to work on Sam's Halloween costume a little bit...also, Jacob and I will work on his Steve from Minecraft costume (pdf file and instructional video here) after school. At first he was going to go as a cardboard box...actually, this costume isn't much different. So he's still going as a cardboard box. Kylie doesn't want to go out this year, she is inviting some friends over to watch scary movies on Netflix instead. Sorta sad, her first year without a costume :( .

It's so windy here...I better run outside and tie down a few Halloween decorations. Later.

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Princesstefer said...

I friken LOVE your version of Frankenstein!!! I laughed out loud a lot and had to read it to Hans. :)

Also, I say 'Whatevs' all the time. This caught Sean's attention and now he's saying it all the time.