Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday. Blech.

So Saturday started out really well...went off to work, which I really enjoy...chatted with some regular one yelled at me that day, which is odd...and then, around 2pm I started feeling ill. Left by 3, and I don't remember the drive home. At all. I remember getting into bed, still wearing my scrubs, and then shortly after that I was sicker than a dawg...ew, not good.

This morning (Monday), Scott is in bed and can't get up, could barely direct me how to turn on his iPhone so that I could phone his assistant. That never happens.

Sam fell asleep on the couch by 10am, watching Dora. That never happens, either. So I tucked her into bed beside Scott, and left the door open. I asked her if she wanted to play Polly Pockets with me and she said, "No, mama. Go 'way."

My poor sick baby, stealing my salad at supper a few days ago :( .

And here is my poor sick baby with that red moo-stache. The pen-wielding maniac was none other than myself, and it was done with the wipe-off pen from my to-do list board (ok, so that was a trick question - it was neither a washable marker, nor a Sharpie). Sam enjoys kitty whiskers as well, but is not against the occasional handle bar moo-stache. Then she wants me to take her picture, and then she cries if I won't let her play with the camera.


Sadly, there are no point winners this month :( . I will donate the points to charity, or perhaps save them for that attack-giraffe-with-an-invisibility-cloak-and-laser-eyes that I've been wanting for so long. I don't know.

So have a good week, everyone :) . Hope your house is flu-free!

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