Friday, October 1, 2010


I know, I've been neglecting my blog. Too many projects on the go, and not enough hours in a day. My mom says I should try to get by on less sleep...and then she laughs. Nice lol.

So what's been happening??

Pirate Party at Auntie's house. Awesome, so much fun. Some day I'll post pictures.

Santa's Anonymous Toy Run. Again, awesome. Love seeing all those burly bikers riding into the Wal Mart parking lot early on a chilly Sunday morning, with dollies and Lego strapped to the back of their bikes. A lot of people donate money, which is cool, too. Pictures someday (possibly).

I hate Jacob's teacher. I know hate is a strong word, and I'm really trying to convince Jacob that she's nice and he should give her a chance...but in my head I think she's a bitch who should go back to teaching junior high. Maybe yelling at little kids, and belittling them works in junior high. In elementary it just makes little kids hate going to school. You can give me that junk about how 'teaching is hard' and 'maybe she just had a bad day'...blah blah blah, she's mean. Yesterday we were having a conversation and she interrupted me so that she could yell at a little boy who was taking too long to tie his shoes. He's 7, lady...those people take FOREVER to tie their shoes. At least pretend to be a caring educator in front of parents. Bitch.

Kylie has a dr's appointment this morning, then we are going to meet Scott for lunch. She doesn't want to go back for the afternoon and to be honest, I don't think I'm going to make her. It's Olympic Day today, or some junk like that. I think she would learn more by going grocery shopping with me so that's what we're going to do. And then I have to come home and clean the basement. Yay.

I sewed this week...making a pink princess dress for Sam to wear on Halloween. I can't remember the last time I sewed something, other than mending. Next, I need to make Jacob the grey camouflage bedding that I bought fabric for last year. Yes, an entire year ago lol.

Gotta go haul Kylie out of the shower and throw some pants on Sam. Later, taters :) .


Coolcook said...

Hey kiddo, I got fabric that is about 20 years old and it was old when it was given to me. Try to beat that one.
I think you should report this teacher to the EPSB. No one and I mean NO ONE has the right to yell at another person unless the are hailing them. That is abuse..........

Kylie's Mom said...

I'm going to give it a bit of time but I'm not opposed to going to the principal with my concerns. I've asked a couple of other parents what they think of her and they seem to like her (their kids do, too) I don't know what to do yet.

But you're right, she shouldn't be yelling...I just think she doesn't have much respect for the kids. She should be in another line of work, I think.