Wednesday, October 27, 2010


That moustache on a stick on this new background makes me laugh lol.

So today we were stuck at home all day, which sucks, as I just discovered that there is a second-hand clothing store around that is selling everything at $1...and I need to make some leg warmers for Kylie's Halloween costume so I need a cruddy sweater to cut up. Besides, if I stay home then it is generally expected that I should clean something. Frowny face.

It's not that cold today and thank goodness, because the sensor in our furnace crapped out on us. Sam and I waited all day for the repairman to get here. He was super nice, though, and gave me some hints over the phone to squeeze some heat out of that thing while we were waiting. I'm also thankful that we have that little electric fireplace in the living room, because it kept us warm today. And then the repairman came and charged me $100 for the 5 minutes it took him to install an $18 part. Oh well.

My library hold of Mad Men Season 1 finally came in, so Scott and I have been watching that after the kids go to bed. I love that Don Draper can say things like:
"I won't be talked to like that by a woman" to one of his agency's biggest clients and "wouldn't you be happier as a wife and mother?" to the same woman...and not at all in a snarky way, he was honestly curious as to why this woman wasn't married lol. I laughed out loud when he said that. And oh my God, everyone has a cigarette hanging out of their mouth!! In every scene!!

I swear that for next Halloween I am going to make a 1950's housewife day dress, and walk around with bright red lipstick and a mop in my hand. I swear. I've been coveting this dress all week:

...which is absolutely gorgeous, and completely pointless for me all rolled into one. I would have no place to wear it, and since I feel like a clown when I wear a dress it would be a giant waste of money. But isn't it gorgeous?? I think Rowena is my favourite store. I haven't been there yet, mind day.

Kylie should be home soon, and I'm going to get her to watch Sam while I run to that thrift store. I can't believe the mess that Sam has made in the time that it took me to make this post, little bugger.

Later, taters :) .

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Coolcook said...

I would have worn a dress like that back in the day, but me and dresses are now a thing of the past. Although I do have 2 jean jumpers that I wear once every 2 or 3 years, they are long to hide the scars on my legs...the hair too as I hate shaving my legs LOL.