Sunday, April 25, 2010


Oh my God, I think yesterday was the worst shift since I started working. I don't know why people think it's ok to waltz into their doctor's office 45 minutes late for an appointment and expect to get in...and I don't know why people expect that, just because they're friends with the doctor, that they should not have to wait 2 hours as a walk-in patient just like everyone else. I swear, the doctor has told his entire community that they are welcome to see him at any time of the day or night, just because they share the same country of origin. Which is long as they aren't yelling at me because I won't accommodate them when it's 4:45 and we're closing in 15 minutes!!! And we still have patients in every room!!

My Scotty took me to a Blue Goose gala on Saturday night. The Blue Goose is a fraternal insurance organization, which translates into "Come and drink with us...all proceeds go to charity". Last night's charity was Casa . Dinner was served over two and a half hours!!! The best part was dessert, which was strawberry mousse. But my bum was sore by 9pm from sitting for so long lol.

Scott has gone to work today because he's a bit behind...lots of house fires these past few weeks, and he's been travelling a lot. He needed one full day at his desk without the phone ringing to catch up on his paperwork. It sucks when Sunday is usually our only day of the week together...but it has to be done.

I really need to do some cleaning and laundry today...and then I'm off to job #2 tonight after supper. Some weeks I like that job much better, as the shop is closed and it's just me and one of the big kids lol. No customers/patients to yell at me :) .

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Video Favourites

Haven't done this in a while!! I'm working on the school yearbook right now...taxes are organized, just waiting for my Scotty to get a few seconds to organize his stack of papers...tomorrow I'm at the school compiling pizza lunch orders and counting stacks and stacks of loonies. Yippee.

First off, 7 Nation Army by The White Stripes. Jacob is learning this song right now in guitar, it has one of those riffs that just goes on and on forever...sort of like "This is the song that never ends...yes it goes on and on my friend!" because he has to play the first rif 8 times, then move on to the next section, then play that same rif 8 times again. Except he doesn't count, he just keeps playing and playing and playing...

Baby by Justin Bieber for Kylie...I actually don't absolutely hate this song, it's sorta cute. I really like Ludacris, though...I'm not sure how he ended up on this song. My husband thinks it's a sure sign that he's washed up lol.

Butterfly by for Sam. We have to listen to this one over and over again in the truck...she makes the big kids dance in their seats beside her and then yells "AGAIN!" when it's over lol.

Ojos Asi (Eyes Like Yours) by Shakira. This is the Spanish version...there is an English version as well, but no actual video for it.
*Yawn* . Well, off to bed. Night all :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's Sunday night...

It's 11:30.

I'm sitting in front of a stack of school invoices.

In the corporate world, you wouldn't submit $60,000 worth of invoices for reimbursement without first checking that the whole mess is reconciled...but heck, I have nothing better to do, right?

I want to go to bed.

I hate this crap. I *so* want to quit...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Busy week....

Waiting for the drywall guy to come. He's actually one of Scott's very-good friends...the kind of guy who's good at EVERYTHING, including cooking, so I'm now very aware that my cooking skills suck and that he will be here for dinner tonight...

My baby :) . It's always, "Take my picture, mum!"

First ride of the year. The other day I was sort of mad because of something Kylie did and I turned to speak to her in a stern manner (ok, I was going to yell) and then I realized as I looked at her right beside me: she's nearly as tall as I am!!! How in the hell did that happen?? She's 11 years old and 5'4" . She's going to be ten feet tall by the time she's 16.


Starting our seedlings. I love these little boxes, they hold 24 peat pellets and I just figured out that I can stack them on my kitchen window sill, so I can buy 2 more! Woohoo! We planted 2 kinds of pumpkins, some petunias and some black violas. Kylie was supposed to save room in hers for some impatiens for the front yard, but she went a little crazy with the black violas instead. My house is not a raging mess right now, all of that stuff piled behind Kylie is going into the basement bathroom eventually...getting a bit tired of the giant shower stall box in my tiny dining room!


Two bikinis for Sam. Top piece is from a made-by-me pattern: Moda sock monkeys is finished with fold-over elastic and the other top is the very last scraps of the beautiful fat quarter that my bloggy friend Spacestitch sent me last year. I even had to piece it together, if you look closely you'll see a little seam running down the very front lol. The bottoms are both store-bought swim diapers...I can't be bothered to sew that stuff from scratch anymore. The red one was $3 at a consignment store and the blue one was Jake's when he was a toddler :) . I was going to add a ruffle, but figured that Sam needed one diaper that would fit under her one piece suits. Oh, side note: we've started swimming lessons one morning a week and Sam *hates* it. Not that she hates being in the pool, she's just two and those people like doing their own thing lol. Listen to the teacher, are you kidding me???

Later, taters :)

**photobucket is being funky today, hopefully that giant red swim diaper will be resized when I look at this tomorrow!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!



Sam could not get enough of the egg dyes this year. Forget doodling on the egg first, gimme that dye! It is an annual tradition for me to forget to buy a vinyl tablecloth for egg decorating, so I was lucky that the contractors left a big roll of vapour barrier in my basement. Not pretty, but it passed for a tablecloth :) .

My God, what a good meal today. I peeled and mashed 10lbs of potatoes, thinking that it was way too much...nope! It all went...along with the ham, roasted carrots and other yummy dishes. My sister's husband, Amir, took us on a long windy walk after supper to burn off some of those calories. Still...I think I'll be working extra hard at my workouts this week. But it was *so* worth it :) .

The kids are home for one more day, then it's back to the grind. Does anyone else in the world get tomorrow off *except* for school teachers? Even the bank is open tomorrow. There's so much on the to-do list for this week. The bathroom drywall should be started this that means next month in Contractor Time, right? Poopie.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


No thoughts or crafty projects to share this week. The construction on the basement bathroom is at a standstill right now, and I've used my Word of the Year about 50 times already today because of it. Anyway, onwards...

My Jacob bought me flowers! I had a cruddy day last week, and so Jake asked Scott to take him to buy me flowers :) . I love that little man :) .

This scene started out by Sam taking Jake by the hand and leading him into her room...I could hear her saying, "I be da be da girl" lol. So he had to sit and play DSi beside her while she pretended to wash dishes in her kitchen.

This is a scene from Jacob's latest stop-motion movie: Darth Vader is getting revenge against Obi Wan on the lava planet. Someone out there probably knows the correct name for that planet, but I don't lol. Jacob is learning how to modify the Lego characters he already has, using plasticine and sharpies...sometimes he asks for fabric scraps to create costume elements. The background in this lava planet scene is his bean bag chair. There are almost 500 Lego pictures on my camera right now...

Sam has discovered painting and could do it all the live long day. But the best part for her is where you sprinkle glitter all over the wet paint!! She yells, "Glitter! GLITTER!!!" if I don't get it fast enough for her lol.

My awesome sister bought this for me. You still have to spray it with Pam and sprinkle it with flour...which seems silly for a non-stick pan, but it's pretty cool! From the picture, you can see that if you bake brownies in this pan, it will make you a better wife and a better mother :) . I love this junk.

These are the Hungry Girl pumpkin brownies my niece and I made, and they take 2 ingredients: a box of chocolate cake mix and a can of pure pumpkin. I'm not kidding, that's the only 2 ingredients. Mix it all up (it will seem really thick and you'll be tempted to throw in a splash of milk, but don't!) and throw it in the pan or cupcake liners. I really liked them, but Jacob and Kylie say that they have a bit of an odd aftertaste if you eat more than a couple of them in a row. Still, it didn't stop them from eating 6 brownies each lol...

Kylie's library stash for the week. It's spring break, so we've gone to the City Centre library and our local library. Lots of manga books, lots of Hayao Miyazaki DVD's, an Alice in Wonderland book on CD and the original Hairspray movie featuring Divine. Oh, and a Wii game. Honestly, we're always disappointed in those so I don't even know why we bother anymore. Library Wii games are usually so scratched up that we can't play them anyway :( .