Sunday, August 21, 2011

Stuff I did...and stuff...

Wow, did I impress you with my language skills with that stellar title?? See, I've been gone from blogging for so long that I have no imagination when it comes to titles.

I originally thought I would scrapbook the 740 pictures that we took in Maui last year but I honestly can't stand scrapbooking. Too much farting around with little fiddly bits, so I bought this frame on a clearance rack for $12 and filled it with our favourite pictures. It hangs in our dining room. Did I already post this??


I know I've posted pictures before of the kids planting flowers from seed using those little window planters and peat pellets, but can you believe that this is the first year that it actually worked? Impatiens generally love the shade in my front yard, but the giant spruces are gone so we are now dealing with full sunshine. I'm surprised these lasted as long as they have. I rescued that watering can from the neighbour's trash ha ha.


I don't like cartoon scrubs for work, but I liked these fabrics: Moda sock monkeys from Etsy and some fabric we bought in Maui. The shirt is purchased from Wal Mart, I sew a new panel over the front and then cut the original front panel out. I'm far too lazy to fit a made-from-scratch shirt at this point. I can't actually wear the sock monkey one because it's too big now, but someday I'll get around to altering it.

Invader Zim drawstring backpack for Kylie. Tutorial here:
drawstring backpack and stencil here: Deviant Art . I used freezer paper to make the stencil...if you are unfamiliar with this, it's this: stencil tutorial .

Dress for Sam, made with a free pattern from Fiddlehead and fabric bought in Maui for $5 a metre.

Today I'm repainting the wrought iron railing on the front stairs...what an ordeal! I don't know whose bright idea it was to make those things with all those funky little curves and divots that I have to sand. But it's been here since the 50's so it's cool and I bet it will look awesome when it's done.

Later, taters.


HE said...
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Princesstefer said...

Ohhh you're so much more productive than I am!! and you blog about it! The few times that I'm productive, I'm too busy to blog about it. lol

mackey said...

Oh my sensei.....u must teach me your ways.
I love the stuff you sew!

Nico said...

Sammy's dress is adorable. I love your photos from Maui, too cool.