Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's Sunday!!

Ah, the start of a fresh new week. On this week's list:

-Taxes. Oh my God, can you believe we haven't done our taxes yet? Too many things happened at once, and our life got put on hold. Must do the taxes this week.

-Sewing: two drawstring backpacks using this tute . It's a good size for a teen, works well for a purse for Kiki.

-Gramma's apple tree fell down so we are going to chop it up tomorrow using Scott's reciprocating saw. A chainsaw would probably be a better idea, but alas, we don't have one. Must do with what we have.

-Everyone in this house thinks that I should be making sugar cookies?? I hate them, so I don't make them. Simple as that. Jacob wants me to teach him how to make them, so I guess I can do that.

-Yardwork. Blech.

-Animal hats are all the rage around here, so Kiki wants to make another hat like this one but maybe a kitty or this one .

-Working on some freezer paper stencil stuff, altering a hoodie for Kiki and mending. Always mending. took me nearly an hour to log into this stupid blog! This Google account stuff is irritating me to no end.

Later, taters.

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