Friday, December 2, 2011

Tales from My Crypt

Jake got his hair cut, by his own choice and I *love* it. The old lady in the background was chatting away to herself and waving at us after I took this picture. I have no idea what she was saying lol.

Sammy Sunshine started at a brand new playschool today and I swear, she told me to get out when I dropped her off. Ok, well maybe she didn't go that far...I got a quick kiss on the cheek before she bolted for the new toys. Have I mentioned how hard it is to have a very outgoing, social child when you are anti-people? I don't understand this.

What else...I did some Christmas shopping online the other day, first time for arrived yesterday and looks awesome. I will have to do that again. Online shopping=no people in checkout lines to irritate me. Score.

I think we may put the tree up this weekend, but just because Jake is asking to and since he is confined to the house I may as well let him do it (he is sick with a strep infection). We are trying a new thing this year: I bought silver and black ornaments in January of last year so we will see how that looks. First year without the macaroni or pirate ornaments...but I'm sure they'll be back next year. 

Scott should be home any minute, as it is his last day at his current job and he really just went today to clean out his desk. He has accepted another offer with a different company and will start on Monday. I don't even think his current manager said goodbye/good luck/kiss my arse/nothing. Jerk.

Well, I should go clean something before I have to pick up Sam. Work this afternoon...assisting with a biopsy for the first appointment. All that means is that I have everything ready for the doctor in the treatment room and then stand around in case he needs me to grab him something out of the cupboard. Then I get to look at the hunks of suspicious flesh as they swim around in the vials of preservative, before sending them off to the lab. I'm actually really looking forward to that haha. 

We had a tapeworm in a vial of preservative that sat on our desk by the phone for nearly a year at our old office. I don't know why it was there. Every time I answered the phone I would pick it up and shake it dance...put it back down. Just wanted to share that with you.

Later :) .

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