Thursday, January 12, 2012


Rice Krispie Pops for the school bake sale.

Sammy Sunshine's Christmas picture. I loved our tree this year. It looks sort of sparse here, but at night with the lights on it was amazing.

My boys decorating Christmas cookies.

Every year when I ask Jacob what he wants for Christmas, he tells me 'a potato with a toothpick in it'. This year, it was on the top of his stocking :) . He also got this great smashing tomato toy (HERE) but he accidentally popped it with his toothpick potato when he put everything back in his stocking before breakfast haha. That was a really neat toy, I have to find more.

Kiki, early Christmas morning with her new laptop.

Jacob and his new netbook. He also got a package of stick-on moustaches in his stocking. They entertained him for an entire week.

My goofball boy.

Jacob got a box full of duct tape from one of his aunties: silver, camouflage, paint splatter and green. The other day he made himself some slippers using the same technique as making his duct tape wallet : start by making a sheet of duct tape, then fold and tape until it's what you want. I know this is a terrible picture though...they are silver with green accents and he slips his feet into them from behind. 

Off to work today, need to do a bit of cleaning first. It's getting cold here, it almost feels like winter!!


Danica said...

I can't believe how big Sammy is!

Kylie's Mom said...

I know haha...can't believe my baby is 4 1/2!! Need to register her for kindergarten next month!!