Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jake's Duct Tape Wallet

Jake is going through this creative phase, where he wants to craft and bake a lot. Anyone who knows Jake will tell you..."wow, that's not like Jake at all!" lol. But it's cool, and I'll never turn down a crafting opportunity with my boy :) .

Jake heard about duct tape wallets from his friend so on a recent trip to Home Depot, he chose some red tape. I picked up a roll of black for myself, because I was silly enough to leave my previous roll laying on the counter, and someone used it to tape empty cereal boxes together to make a tell the truth, my duct tape is normally stored in my underwear drawer with all of my other precious items. Clear, black and white tape are always on hand. Always.

Anyhoo...we found the instructions to make our wallet
HERE . We added a clear ID pocket and a zippered coin pocket.

Step one, creating the duct tape 'fabric'

...after much folding and taping, here is the inside of the finished wallet...

...and the outside.

Scott helped Jake add the letters and the flames. Turned out pretty cool, don't ya think? I asked Jake to make me a hot pink one for Mother's Day. I hope he remembers :D .


Jennifer said...

that is awesome! :D

Princesstefer said...

ohhh I want one!! I might try this, but I'll have to harass you to guide me so I can also add the nifty upgrades. I plan on putting my chuck e cheese's i.d. cards in mine too.

Cfmommy said...

Thats So cute!!!!

Cori said...

Wow, that looks really great, and I'm not just saying that! It looks, well, like a real wallet. But cooler 'cuz it's handmade.

mackey said...

Duct tape in your dresser drawer????? Hmmmmm....interesting;)

Kylie's Mom said...

Thanks everyone! Mackey: my underwear drawer is the only place in this house that's mine!!! Kids wouldn't dare search through my underwear drawer lol.