Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Sammy Sunshine is offering you a cupcake. Never mind that she licked that knife a hundred times before she dipped it back in the icing bowl. Never mind that ice cream cones taste like dirt after they're baked. 

Today is a day off and I am meeting my sister and her kids at my mom's for tea and goodies. Then I really need to go through Sam's room. I can't believe how many toys that kid has!! Nobody needs that much stuff. She will help me pull a few things to donate to Goodwill, and then I will pull a few more things while she is sleeping. Bad mommy.

We had a tornado warning last night, and today is the 25th anniversary of Black Friday here in Edmonton, where a tornado ripped through the outskirts of town and killed 27 people. The weather has been really funky lately, reminiscent of that time. Everyone here remembers where they were on that day. I was at home alone, age 15, and I called my best friend because I was pretty scared...she hung up on me because she was waiting for her boyfriend to call haha. 

I am working tomorrow for a few hours because someone needed the day off, then I think I may take the kids to a dollar movie. I should weed the garden, too.

Later :)

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