Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Um...Tuesday. Again.

(Insert Edith Prickley type "pfft-HA" here)

I suck at titles. I excel at saving funny pictures from Pinterest, though...

Just got back from taking 2 kids to the pedicatrican for a shared appointment. For that, I deserve a medal. 
Nah...they're such good kids, I'm pretty lucky. I have no idea what I did to deserve good kids like these.

Yesterday, I decided to paint the trim in the basement bathroom that we had built LAST YEAR. The other day I was standing there...wondering, why are all these baseboards scuffed up? Why can't I clean the gross fingerprints off of this stupid door? I'll tell you why. BECAUSE NONE OF IT WAS EVER PAINTED. It was primed, albeit before it reached Home Depot. And then the contractor installed it all and the painter came...and somehow the walls got painted but not the trim or the door. And I just noticed it now. I hate painting. I liked it when we first moved in, because it was fun to paint our new home, but now it sucks. But the job is done, every paintbrush in the house is soaking in the sink and the 2 youngest have paint in their hair. Pfft-HA!!

It's going to be very warm today. I'm going to take my mom grocery shopping this afternoon while Jake and his cousin hang out at the skate park nearby. Kylie had a friend sleep over last night and I'm sure they won't get up until late afternoon...I know they were up all night watching movies. Too warm to sleep at night anyway, even in the basement.

Later, taters!!

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