Thursday, October 4, 2012


I have a sore throat this morning...maybe it's because I was snoring all night. Last night was the first night of the school's casino fundraiser and I was up until 230 in the morning. My body doesn't ever stay up that late so now I feel like I have a hangover.

I have been working 6 days a week, which stinks, but one of the girls at work is in Thailand and I can throw that extra money into savings. Mama wants an automatic car starter before winter hits. I will go to 4 days a week when the young lady returns to work.

So what is new?? Meh...not much. How about some pictures?

Santa's Anonymous Toy Run: 5000 burly bikers with dollies and lego strapped to their bikes. I think this was the last year that Kylie will ride with Scott...I'm not sure she even wanted to go this year, I think she just went because she knows how much Scott likes taking her. She hasn't been on the bike since last year's Toy Run. Four basketballs strapped to the back of the bike instead of dollies this year.

Finally...I bought this Halloween fabric 2 years ago and just now got around to finishing this scrub shirt for work. I figure I will have to wear it at least once a week between now and Halloween to make it worthwhile.     

Finally we got sod in the yard! But the piles of dirt seemed to be the only thing holding up the front fence. I came home after walking the kids to school and decided to give it a little kick. I took a bunch of pictures, texted them all to Scott and laughed...then I realized I had to clean it up. Crap. I then had to chop it up with the reciprocating saw and haul it all to the garage. There is one more section that looks like it might fall by the weekend. Jake has called dibs on kicking over that section if it is still standing there by Saturday.

Well, off to work in a couple of hours and then back to the casino. I think I will throw myself in the shower first.


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Princesstefer said...

Hi! I saw this pirate kitty thingy and obviously you need to see it... :)