Friday, January 20, 2012

Worst headache *ever*...

The weather must be changing. I think I will take the headache if it means some warmer weather is on its way. Winter stinks.

Jacob left for school this morning with his pocket full of wadded-up fake moustaches from Christmas. The glue has worn off so he put a glue stick in his other pocket. So he is gluing the moustaches to his face with a glue stick at school...that is the weirdest kid haha.

Kylie doesn't talk lately. She reads, drinks tea and types furiously on her laptop. That is, when she comes out of her room. That's ok. I'm sure next week she will a happy girl again. These things tend to come and go with her (mostly go, she's a pretty happy kid).

I'm going to pick up Sam from school, then we are going to do some shopping at Wal Mart. I think I will buy myself some yarn, because I found the cutest free pattern for amigurumi mermaids HERE . I just realized that I need to register Sam for kindergarten NEXT MONTH. Oh my goodness, where has the time gone?!?


Thursday, January 12, 2012


Rice Krispie Pops for the school bake sale.

Sammy Sunshine's Christmas picture. I loved our tree this year. It looks sort of sparse here, but at night with the lights on it was amazing.

My boys decorating Christmas cookies.

Every year when I ask Jacob what he wants for Christmas, he tells me 'a potato with a toothpick in it'. This year, it was on the top of his stocking :) . He also got this great smashing tomato toy (HERE) but he accidentally popped it with his toothpick potato when he put everything back in his stocking before breakfast haha. That was a really neat toy, I have to find more.

Kiki, early Christmas morning with her new laptop.

Jacob and his new netbook. He also got a package of stick-on moustaches in his stocking. They entertained him for an entire week.

My goofball boy.

Jacob got a box full of duct tape from one of his aunties: silver, camouflage, paint splatter and green. The other day he made himself some slippers using the same technique as making his duct tape wallet : start by making a sheet of duct tape, then fold and tape until it's what you want. I know this is a terrible picture though...they are silver with green accents and he slips his feet into them from behind. 

Off to work today, need to do a bit of cleaning first. It's getting cold here, it almost feels like winter!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Wow, it feels like forever since I've worked a shift...Christmas really threw things off around  here.

We are going to see Chipwrecked today (is that what it's called?). The Alvin and the Chipmunks one. Kylie is going through a movie phase, she doesn't care if it's a dollar movie, Netflix movie or whatever. Jacob got to pick today, though, but Kylie is always down for a movie. I think it's $5 Tuesdays...I guess we'll see when we get there. I have a bunch of airmiles movie passes but I'm saving those for two movies: Underworld, which Scott will have to find another wife to go with, because I refuse. Those movies irritate me to no end. Also saving passes for when Kylie goes to see The Hunger Games, because I think she read each book about 4 times and right now it's all she thinks about.

Sam is going through this pretend phase right now, where she goes into her room for a while, invents a persona, and comes out to tell me all about how she's "the new girl in the world and her name is not Sam". She has come to live with us for a while, and will sleep in Sam's bed until Sam returns from school or grocery shopping or wherever she is right now. Then she tells us this huge story about her former life, how she lived in a castle with her pony or whatever haha. It's so stinkin' cute. Right now her name is Isabella, and she is sending a text to her dad, the King...on a toy cell phone.  Then she will go back in her room, and return as Sam.

*Yawn*...I need a shower before that movie. Best get on that :) .