Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year, everyone!!

I stayed up until 12:05 last night!!! I could hardly believe it lol.

My family spent the evening playing Band? Guitar Hero??? Not sure. It featured the Beatles, and a bunch of plastic guitars and some plastic drum pads. Maybe it's Rock Band. Whatever, it was fun to watch and Scott had a blast. My 14 year old neice stayed with us and brought the equipment/game with her. Sam and I wandered around, watched a Caillou video and ate too many potato chips. Jake conked out at 11 on the floor, and I woke him up at midnight to kiss his whole face. He wiped the slobber off and then went back to sleep lol.

I didn't make any resolutions this year, but I've made plans...not the same thing!! I really want to get my kitchen painted this January, if I wait for warmer weather it just won't get done. If it gets too stinky in here, I'll haul everyone down the block to my mom's house. I just have to get on it...I can't believe we've been in this house for 5 years now.

If anyone has any kitchen painting tips, I'd love to hear them. I'm pretty sure the current paint in there is oil, although I won't be sure until I test it with some nail polish remover. I'm not sure I want to use those new washable kitchen latex paints...I used some on a white cabinet 5 years ago and that piece of junk looks like heck now. Guess I had better add that to the painting list...

I want a green kitchen . Lime green or apple green...not sure yet. Is there a difference??
And...ew. Now I have to clean behind the stove :/ .


Princesstefer said...

We also played Beatles RockBand to ring in the new year. Lana and I forced (almost everyone) to stay up 'till 1am so that we could finish the whole game in one sitting. Bwahahahaha! I also didn't make resolutions, but I've been making efforts to improve my health (mind and body) for a couple of months now, so I'm feeling optimistic about this year. And last month we finally painted our kitchen for the first time in the now almost 6 years we've lived here... and I'm pretty sure the walls in there were only primed before. It's just a horrible little galley style kitchen though... but it's now pea soup green. heh. We're still not actually finished though 'cause there's still above the cabinets to do, I'll get to that soon. really. The biggest annoyance for us was that when we moved our fridge we found that it had leaked green stuff. :/ Apparently the previous owner had used duct tape to repair that leak... so I think the new duct tape might delay us from having to by another fridge for at least a year. ha!

Coolcook said...

I think if it is oil then you can get special primer that will allow you to change to latex. I have done some painting and hate it with a passion. I did my hall and bathroom last fall and I am still having pain in my chronic shoulder from all that stretching.
New years here was very very quiet.