Monday, January 18, 2010




Jacob has discovered lately that he really enjoys baking and cooking. Here he is making donuts with a new-to-us baking pan we found at Goodwill. He mixed the cake mix, baked the donuts, iced and decorated them :) . I had some icing and sprinkles on my finger so I licked it off...blech! Tasted like soap...I don't know how kids like those sprinkle things, they make me gag.

Sam, sitting in the corner for being mean to Jake. She was in this corner numerous times last week. Please don't get your panties in a's only for a few seconds and she learned that she can't mistreat her brother. Now take a second to un-knot your panties before you move on to the next pic lol.

We have fish! I had these giant mayonnaise jars that my brother brought home from an oilfield camp, and I thought they would be perfect fish bowls. Kylie tried to cram as much junk from Dollarama in there as she could...but there's still plenty of room for Fin the fish to swim. Each kid got a fish, Jake's is Snowball; Kylie's is Fin; and Sam's is Coco's . Kylie asked her, "What is your fish's name?" and Sam yelled, "It Coco's! See? Dere (read: there) Coco's!" lol...


Liane said...

Oh wow! I love your fish jars!!!
Maybe I should send my kids to time out too--does it keep them quiet? lol

Cori said...

Nice!! I like those jars :)

mackey said...

Does he deliver?;)

Cfmommy said...

I never would have thought to use large jars for fish tank-thats so awesome! Such a wonderful idea! I have a few huge pickle jars, and never knew what to do with them-now I know :O)

Kylie's Mom said...

Cfmommy, I thought they would look really nice with fighting fish in them...but we need to learn how to take care of inexpensive goldfish first ;) .

Kylie's Mom said...

Oh...and thanks, ladies :) .

Mackey: no, sadly, he doesn't deliver. But blech, those sprinkles were so didn't miss anything lol!