Friday, June 4, 2010


WOOHOO!!!! There seems to be two factions of music fans in the world: those that think Nickelback is awesome and those who think Nickelback sucks. I can assure you, they do not suck, they rule!!!! Woohoo!!!!

...and in case anyone ever asks you, it is my God-given right as a middle-aged, middle-class mother of small children living in Alberta to enjoy a bottle of Mike's Hard 100-calorie Lemonade in my backyard as I pull dandelions with my Canadian Tire Dandelion-er...and when 'Burn It To The Ground' comes on the radio , I may throw down said Dandelion-er, throw my arms up above my head and scream "Woohoo!!!" for all my neighbours to hear. So what if it embarrasses my children...and my husband...I'm gonna do it anyway :) .

Jacob at his first major concert. He figured that he would let his friends sniff his shirt for 25c a pop, so that they could smell what a real concert smells like lol.

After the first opening act (there was 3) Jacob wanted to go take pictures of the tour buses. Lots of ladies, both young and old, would comment on how handsome he was and how cool his hair was on our little walk. He even got a few high 5's on our walk around Rexall.

My boyfriends.


It was a great show, and now I wish I would have gone to see AC/DC when they were here last year. Think they'll come back?

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mackey said...

I seen Nickelback 2 years ago when they were here & they were awesome! ( my son went with me too) =)
Did u come over to Axe to meet daniel Adair?? He was soooo nice.