Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It's so beautiful outside...I can hardly believe it's November! It's 10C right now. Sam and I are definitely going for a long walk this afternoon before we pick up Jake, then we'll play at the playground.

I'm listening to an electronic hamster (Zhu Zhu Pet?) making the weirdest noises at my feet. It crows like a rooster lol. Sam has a brown one, and Jake has 2: a black/blue one and a white/black one. You can get body armor for the boy's ones...darnit, I can't remember what they call them. It's different from the girl ones. Whatever, doesn't matter and now I'm babbling.

Tonight we are going to a meeting at the school because Kylie has signed up to be part of an exchange program to Quebec. She will go for a week in February and a child will come and stay with us in May. That could be sort of cool...although I'm not sure how I feel about Kylie being so far away from me :( . But I won't let on...if she feels mature enough to do this then I will do everything in my power to help her get there. There's some fundraising to do, and probably a butt load of paperwork. I guess we'll see tonight.

Stupid phone is ringing, and I'm not going to answer it.

Got my hair cut this morning, and I think she cut it shorter than she ever has before. I needed a new cut, but I'm not sure that I like it so far...I guess I need to wash it and junk before I make up my mind. Not like she can put the hair back on, right?

Alright, off to put groceries away and organize the pantry a bit. I'm hoping to do some freezer-paper stenciling today. Really need to do a good workout tonight, I'm starting to get lazy on that.

Later, taters.

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