Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ah, love is in the air. Jacob is screeching over my shoulder, "I hate girls! Don't tell anyone I gave out valentines today!" . Your secret is safe with me, my friend (wink).

So here is a sampling of our Valentine's Day fodder:

First off, Kylie's crafts for her dearest friends, her BFFs. Two kitties and a squirrel from The Cute Book . She wasn't into hand-sewing them, and I wasn't going to force the issue, so she machine-sewed/glued these ones. I was quite impressed with her French knots! She paired these with a few High School Musical valentines, and was set. She also made a really cute heart-doily-type valentine for her teacher, but I neglected to get a picture. As usual, Jake refused to do any crafting at all. He slapped his name on some Star Wars valentines and called it a day. Although he did make Scott and I a really cute card at school that I shall treasure always. Kylie says that only 2 boys in her grade 5 class gave out valentines this year. *Sniff*...but they're only babies, are they already too cool for this holiday???

For the party at school, Kylie wanted to make a cupcake-cake, so we settled on this design (I think we saw it originally at Safeway). The cherry on the top is a pic we found online, printed it, then covered it with clear Mactac. I think we will have to think of something new to take to the next would not believe the amount of cupcakes the kids brought today lol. This was easy enough for Kylie to do almost all on her own...from baking the cupcakes to decorating. I did supervise, though, and helped wield the icing bag.

For each of the big kids, a Domo mp3 cozy. Jake's is orange, Kylie's is brown. I was going to give it to them on Valentine's Day but there is just too much floating around in my sewing corner right now and I didn't want to forget where I put them.

Well, this doesn't have anything to do with Valentine's Day per se...Kylie sewed this hat for herself, with a pattern that we designed together, and it was her very first sewing project where she mastered feeding the fabric through the sewing machine while operating the knee pedal. How cool is that??? She saw it online somewhere, I don't know where.

Saturday night is our traditional candle-lit Valentine's Day family dinner. We are having chicken cordon bleu, pasta alfredo and salad. I still haven't settled on a dessert yet, but I think I will leave that part up to the kids to decide.

Later, taters.


Nico said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family too! Your crafts are too cool, and awesome job Kylie on her sewing project too!

mackey said...

Damn!!!!!! I am sooo envious of you & your families sewing talent!!!
That hat rawks!!!!!!

Josie said...

That is SO awesome! I love the candlelight dinner idea! So creative!

Princesstefer said...

I love the little kitties and squirrel that Kylie made... and the other stuff too, but I'm a sucker for little critter crafts. And yes, I'm going to need a bunny hat just like that. I've made bunny hats before - why did I never think to give them super long ears?! Ummm... don't tell Kylie that there might soon be an old person wearing a hat much like her's - that could not be very good news to someone her age. In fact, I'm a little creeped out that I'd wear one of those, though it wouldn't stop me.

Kylie's Mom said...

Thanks so much, everyone, I hope you all had a great V's Day.

Stef...yup, you need a bunny hat! LOL...old old are you now, like, 12???

Here is the original hat for you, Stef:
The ears are over 4 feet long!!! Kylie would be tripping over them lol!

Coolcook said...

Kylie's hat is so cute. You are a whole family of talented people, even Jake when he wants to.
Glad you had a good V day. Mine sucked as I still ill.