Thursday, May 7, 2009


I should really post some pics, because my mom is going to be nagging me about that soon, I'm sure...but I don't feel like doing jack crap lately. Why is that?

We had the flu here over the weekend, and I had to call in sick to work. I *hated* that. But I was really, really sick...really sick. I'm not the kind to call in with just a cough, ya know? But having me barfing all over the keyboard, with a waiting room full of patients that are adamant that they have H1N1 wouldn't have been very professional.

My mom came over yesterday and helped me turn over my garden...actually, she did most of the work. Hopefully, if it stops raining, Scott and I will get my raised garden bed built this weekend and I can start planting. I have big plans...big plans. Yup, peas. That's all I'm planting is peas. Sam and I are going to sit in the grass and eat them all summer long, so they won't even make it into the house. I might plant a tomato plant...just so my mom will quit nagging me. I have some strawberry plants on the other side of the yard that aren't getting any sun...maybe I'll relocate those to my garden patch. Just so long as they don't interfere with my big pea patch plans.

Jacob started soccer last night, in the rain lol. I really thought that the fields would be closed, but they played anyway. He came home soaked to the bone, but ecstatic that he got to see his soccer friends again.

Jake is going through a weird phase...bailing on his chores. I'm sure it's completely normal, but Kylie didn't do this so I'm not sure how to handle this one. I went into his room last night to find his shin pads for soccer, and discovered that he 'hid' his clean laundry, rather than put it away. Honestly...I'm sure it took more time to think up hiding spots than to actually put the clean clothes in his it was funny, but infuriating all at the same time. And this isn't the first time he has done this...his last punishment was to do everyone's laundry (washed, dried, folded and put away with my supervision).

So my first thoughts are, you don't want to do the one chore that you had on Monday? Fine. You're doing every chore in the house this week. That will fix your wagon.

So far, he has helped with supper, set the table (his chore anyway), poured drinks (Scott's job), cleared the table (everyone's job), made Kylie's lunch as well as his own, and emptied the dishwasher (Kylie's job). I'm saving cleaning the bathroom and washing diapers for when he comes home from school. Bwah hah ha...


Princesstefer said...

Your pea plan sounds divine! We usually grow peas, but there's never enough of them - wildflowers and roses take up too much space in our yard. I love having strawberries too, but they always seem to attract the really big spiders... icky!! :S

My son has tried that laundry thing too. ugh.

Hope you all are feeling better!

Jennifer said...

Being sick sucks rocks :( Get well vibes!

I love peas too, but hey, since you don't want to get carried away...hehe ;) Why don't you plant a row every week and then you don't have such a workload in the beginning and you have peas all summer. You will have a fertile garden patch next year too... You've inspired me to plant a lot more peas!

Ok, I'll be quiet now. :)

Hmmmm, your ds and my dh do the same ;) Hopefully a cure can be found soon. I try to give Garry more chores its not working for us.

Coolcook said...

You are one mean mother...LOL. I know all about discipline it is hard and from a long time ago I can't tell you how I did it. Now I just don't answer the will get to that time many years from now. The kids have good role models in you and Scott so I wouldn't worry to much. All I can say is be consistent and don;t deviate from the original ruling. My hubby was bad for being lenient and I was always the bad guy. Still am for that matter.
Chill girl and go with the flow LOL.

mackey said...

Hey chicky....I found this website that I thought you would totally love.
She has cool, groovy ideas just like you!

Kylie's Mom said...

Thanks everyone!

Mackey, that site is very cool, thanks so much...always love getting a new link.