Friday, May 8, 2009

Things *I* do.

I am soooo bored. Sam's sleeping, the house is clean, and it's here's a post about moi.
  • When Sam and I go to the mall, Sam always sits in the stroller. She's just now figuring out that it's more fun to get out and run around like her bum is on fire, but for now she still sits pretty well. During our walk down the mall, eventually we will meet a Gramma or a Grampa on a scooter or with one of those fancy walkers with the brakes on the handle grips...and we'll get to talking, usually about how sweet Sam's hair is or how she is such a talker. Then I challenge the Gramma or Grampa to a race. I always offer to give them a head start, and tell them that I don't have my racing shoes on, on that particular day...but they never take me up on it. Weird. I'm sure one day I'll have a taker...I can hope, anyway.

  • My husband is selling his old motorcycle on an online site. There is this email thingy, where you can send the seller an email directly from the site, so that they can see your email address but you can't see theirs. So I keep making up Hotmail addresses, and sending him questions, like "are there any sweat marks on the seat, 'cause that would be great" and "do you wear chaps when you ride? What do you wear underneath them? Do you have pictures?" . It's really a lot of fun. I'm not sure he thinks so, but so what???

  • While my husband is working on his bike in the driveway (which faces the alley) and I'm in the backyard, playing with Sam or cleaning up...I like to sing at the top of my lungs, in a really horrible singing voice. 2 of my favourites are "Complicated" by Avril Lavigne or "Bridging the Gap" by Nas. I got mad rap skills. It usually sends Kylie screaming into the house, because she's so mortified.

  • I enjoy posting nonsensical, self-indulgent posts on my blog...because it's just that, mine. Really, it's the only thing in the house that I don't have to share.

I really need to get my sewing machine fixed so that I have something to do instead of making these blog posts.


Coolcook said...

Girl enjoy the quiet while it lasts. And sing you heart out, and dance too. I sometime do it inside as I don't share my moves with anyone..LOL.
I always considered sewing a winter craft, but I guess with 3 kids it is an all year thing. I remember being young with 3 young kids, only one girl to sew for, the boys did not like the dresses I made for them..LOL.

Princesstefer said...

hee hee, I was laughing out loud about the racing one and the emailing one. :)