Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This and That. And this.

Wow, it's been a while! So much going on, so let's do this in point form:

  • the big kids started school last Wednesday: Kylie is in grade 6 and Jacob in grade 3. They're so big, my gosh :( . Seems like the girls in Kylie's class are getting meaner and meaner as they get older, I'm not looking forward to junior high.
  • I'm working on year-end financial reports for PAC, which is waaaay easier this year. Last year, the previous PAC treasurer came to my house and dumped a big box of papers on my table, that I had to sort and file...it was crazy, I just about gave up my post about 20 times while I worked on that report. This year, everything is meticulously filed and xeroxed (maybe I'm a bit over zealous in that department). So the reports are coming together quite quickly.
  • I've decided that I won't be at the school so much this year...I just don't have it in me anymore. I'll keep the role of treasurer, unless someone else wants it, which would be fine: I just won't be around for hot lunches and day-time meetings, etc. Time for someone else to step up (I hope).
  • I ordered my very first piece of fabric from etsy!!! Oh my gosh, I was so scared...I don't know what exactly I was so scared of, though lol. It's just a hunk of sock monkeys by Moda for a scrub shirt. I love me some sock monkeys.
  • Sam is in a big girl bed!!! She looks so small in her Dora bed, and I'm a bit sad that my last baby is in a twin bed...but she loves it, and she looks darn cute in there. I was sure she would be up at least once during that first night, but nope: 10 hours straight. Nice.
  • I have now finished 2 crochet projects!!! Yay, lookit me go. I got a whack of library books on the subject and now I'm an expert (just joking, as if!). And I'm almost bored of it already lol.

Well, later taters. Off to clean floors and wash diapers...what an exciting life I lead :) .

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Cori said...

I could have written the PAC treasurer and the less-time-at-school word for word!! I remember being so scared of the financial reports as the last treasurer at the school made such a big deal about it, and how hard it was, and how much time it took. Um, not if you're even a little bit organized.