Saturday, August 29, 2009

Felt food finished.

I had a few more things that I wanted to complete before Sam's second birthday next month...maybe I can finish it for Sam's 3rd birthday???


Lunch...a tasty sandwich with baby carrots and strawberries on the side.

Biggest carrots in the entire world for a snack...

...and salad for supper. This is to counter-act all of the cookies and cupcakes that I made last summer.
I wish I was a better picture-taker-er, but I'm not. Something to work on :) .


Nico said...

WOW!!! Your Felt Food is AWESOME :)

Josie said...

Wow you do such a good job! trade you for some yarn skills? lol

Coolcook said...

Wow the carrots look so real. And what do you do with these thing after they are made, is it a game???I am sort of out of touch with toys these days.

Kylie's Mom said...

Thanks, ladies :)

Josie...sounds good, see you tomorrow morning ;) ?

Jake, it's just for playing...she can make Dad a sandwich or pretend she's grocery shopping. Kylie loved that kind of junk when she was little.

Liane said...

Oh my gosh how did I miss these?? And you made bacon!!! You are so awesome :)

Cori said...

Wow, your crafty skills yet again amaze me!!

Cfmommy said...

Wow, those are awesome!!!! Wanna make some for me to buy for my daycare?????

Kylie's Mom said...

Thanks everyone :D !

Tara (I'm spelling your name wrong, aren't I??), it's not really standing up's already pilling, which is a pain in the ass because it took a long time to make. Plus you can't wash's not very hygienic. I really wish I could get my hands on some good quality wool felt, it would be so much better than this manmade stuff.