Friday, December 11, 2009

2 weeks, are you kidding me ?!?!?!?!?

I just relized that Christmas is 2 weeks away...and I'm no where near prepared. Argh.

I have a Ponyo ornament on the go for Kiki...I'm not sure it will get done :( . I hate doing it, I really has to be on really, really teeny aida in order for it to fit in the ornament frame that I have...oh well. Forcing myself to do a bit every night, but it's hard when I'm not a night owl. Love to be in bed by 10 but that's not happening lately.

I took Kiki to the mall yesterday, for her to shop for her friends for Christmas. She had a very small budget to stick to and we *almost* didn't go over lol. Now she is indebted to me until the New Year. Bwa ha ha...

The kids at school are starting to discuss which junior highs they will go to. Kylie is deciding between 2: our neighbourhood school or a very large school downtown. We're working on a pros and cons list for both schools...and honestly, I can think of more cons to our neighbourhood school than pros. Lots of yahoos at that school...all of the behaviour kids will be going there. I've gotten to the point where I am so sick of the lying, stealing, fighting and name-calling. It's so hard to be sympathetic to these kids' situations when their lives cross over your own kids' lives. *Sigh*...but in the end it will completely be Kylie's decision and I will support her in that. Whatever she wants to do will be fine.

Well, Sam's in bed so I should go bake something. School bake sale is next week...I think I'm making meringues and some brownie cookies, both with crushed candy canes. I hope it's successful...our fund-raising this year has sucked, with next to no co-operation from the parents. I'm starting to get very frustrated with this PAC stuff...

Later, taters.

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