Sunday, March 7, 2010

Household Binders

My mom has always been a big fan of binders...I guess that's where I get it from. We never throw them out, just scrub them with baking soda paste and fix them with duct tape. My neighbour is a teacher, and she was throwing out this giant box of binders and used-one-side paper (great for Sam's artwork)...when she offered it to me, I thought I had struck gold ROFL!!! I keep a lot of things in, recipes...even our trip to Hawaii is contained in a binder right now. Anyhoo, I thought I would share my Household Project binder with you.

This binder in particular has been with me for nearly 20 years, since I studied drafting at NAIT. After I graduated, it was my wedding planning binder, and since that fateful day (lol) it has held our Household Projects.

First, the binder (note the duct tape holding the corner together):

The inside cover:
Photobucket Scotty professing his love for me so long ago...

So this binder is divided into the following categories:

Lighting and Electrical
Living Room
Bathrooms and Plumbing
Small Jobs
Medium Jobs
Big Jobs

The binder holds magazine articles, pictures, sketches, brochures, etc. Anything that we think could be cool in our house or information that we may need in the future. For the Lighting and Electrical category, I wrote down the type of breaker that Scott bought when he put in an outlet in the dining room for our portable air conditioner:
In the outdoor category, I have a brochure from the City on how to care for your lawn without using chemicals and the business card from the company that delivered our red rock for the front yard. What's that, hubby? You're bored? Pull out the binder and pick a job from the Small Job category. Patch a hole...hang that picture...fix that drawer. This junk sure comes in handy....especially when you realize that you're getting older and don't retain information like you used to. Oh, the joys of middle age :) .

Oh, and one more picture that has nothing to do with my binder but is still really awesome:
Photobucket squirt lid collection in action (mustard squirt lid on the Kikkoman bottle). I haven't featured my lids in a while. I'm sure this has been weighing heavily on your mind, so...they're doing well, thank you for asking :D .

Over and out!

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Jennifer said...

I like the binder idea! My life is forever changed because of YOU!....Kylie's Mom - Lid Magician. :D Thanks!

Have a wonderful day!