Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thoughts. And stuff.

I lost a whole hour this morning!! That stinks lol...for some reason I was thinking that I was gaining an hour today. Gah.

So we've gone back to our original travel plans of going to Maui...condo and flights are booked, rental car secured...thank goodness for travel agents. Since we've never been anywhere, ever, it was so wonderful to have someone that knew what they were doing and could basically suggest everything under the sun and answer every question we had. Of course, we're on our second travel agent though...the first one was nice, but didn't seem to know much and wasn't answering our questions the first or even second time we asked lol...

Kylie and Sam both have cute dresses for our 'vow refreshing' (we're going with that because it seems like saying 'vow renewal' means you're destined for divorce). I think I've basically given up on my search for a dress. I hate having my arms uncovered, and just feel like a dolt in a skirt, so I've resigned myself to a lacy top that I found at H&M and some fun white capris. I think I would feel like a clown if I did end up buying a dress lol.

Today, Scott is giving the car a bath so that he can take some pretty pictures and hopefully sell it. He bought a truck this week: a Chevy Avalanche...holy hugeness, batman. I'll ride in it, but no way am I driving that thing. But I did say the same thing about my Transport van...and now I take the corners on 2 wheels in that thing lol.

Well, off to wash walls...hooray for Sundays :) .
Later, taters.

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