Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday :)


Sam has discovered the joy of making Fruit Loop bracelets lol. I have to find some shoestring licorice to make necklaces next week.

Well, I'm down to posting once a week. I look back when I was pregnant and I was posting multiples times a day lol...

Just came back from a very informative dinner meeting with our previous school principal. She moved on to a bigger school in a fancy-pants area of town, with 300 more students and apparently 300 more problems. Turns out that people with money can be hugely uneducated, small-minded bigots. Who knew??? There are a lot of kids at our school that come from poor families...but after tonight, I feel more sorry for the kids that come from those old-money families at her new school. They're lucky to have her as their principal...if only the parents can keep their big mouths shut and let her do her job.

I'm Googling a program for Kylie, something called the Pre-Advancement Placement Program. Her teacher is very big on getting her into this program in her junior high in the fall...I'm not sold so far. Would it be better to have a kid excel in the mainstream program or do just ok in the advanced program? Of course, she could possibly do very well in the advanced program...I dunno. I shall present the facts to her and let her make the final decision. Maybe that's because I don't want to be the one responsible for that decision...

Jacob has filled my camera to the brim with Lego pictures. He is getting really good at stop-motion photography, and can spend an entire evening setting up scenes and writing scripts. On Thursday, his friend is coming over to shoot a movie with our old video camera, where they'll run around with their Nerf guns...shooting zombies or robots or whatever they think up. On Friday, a different set of friends is coming over to shoot movies. I love their imagination :) .

Well, I'm off to bed. Good night, everyone :) .


Sharon said...

Sobey's have a couple of different flavours of shoestring licorice ;)

Cori said...

I said my spiel to you about the Challenges program, and Taylor is seriosuly thinking of registering for it. She's basically sold on being in a class of kids who actually want to learn - after doing all of elementary in a class with some horribly behaved kids all these years, the thought of keeping away from that sort of distracting element appeals to her.
With my oldest taking 2 AP classes in high school, I'm honestly a little torn. It's great that he can get university courses out of the way while in high school, but that seems like so much pressure on a kid so young. Hello, school is about sneaking alcohol, skipping school, and kissing...that's how I remember it!!