Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So I wasn't feeling very well last night...had a long evening nap on the couch, then went to bed when Scott sent the kids to bed.

Sometime between 5pm yesterday and 3pm today...my house imploded. Junk everywhere, dirty footprints, piles of laundry, 2 sinks full of dishes, my bed isn't made and there is a pile of PAC paperwork on the kitchen table that needs to be done.

So I figure the best way to combat this disaster is...

...to catch up on blogs lol. Meh, the house can wait :D .


The Worst Housewife *Ever*.


mackey said...

You are so not a bad housewife. We need a maid!
btw...i need your email addy so i can add you to the invite thingy on my blog.
email me at

Nico said...

lol! I hope you feel better soon. Grab a big cup of coffee and enjoy those blogs, that's what I'm doing too.