Monday, August 2, 2010

Long weekend, baby!

Well...semi-long weekend. I still had to work Saturday and Monday evening, but we had all of Sunday together as a family (except for Kylie, who doesn't get out of bed until 2) and we got tons of crap done! I mended, organized, cleaned, and rag-dolled Scott all over the house to do the menial stuff lol.

I'm on a little bit of an anger streak right now...I'm not sure how some parents expect my kids to occupy their friend's siblings as well?? Can someone please explain that to me?? I remember the first summer we moved into this house, Kylie met a great little girl across the alley and they played together every available second. There were no little boys around for Jake to play with so *I* played with him when he had no one to play with. I took him to the park so he could play with other kids at the Greenshack program, I took him on walks around the block and I even pretended to play video games with him (just pressing random buttons on the control) on rainy days when he couldn't occupy himself for one second longer. Jacob was *my* responsibility, no one else's. I can't see the day when I would force Kylie to occupy Jake because he had no one else to play with. That seems greatly retarded to me. And no, just because Jake invites one of his BFF's over, that does not mean the invitation is also extended to his 5 year old sister!! Play with your own damn kid!!

And that also goes for non-paying babysitting gigs disguised as playdates that are never, ever reciprocated. Even if you say you'll do the same for hasn't happened once in the 5 years I've lived in this house so, no. Cough up the bucks for adequate care for your kids. There are lots of wonderful, wonderful caregivers out there...just admit that you don't want to pay what it takes for reasonable care for your kids.

Wow! I'm a bitch. Too bad lol.

Carry on. I'm going to sit on the stoop with my husband and my crazy toddler, who has been running around like her bum is on fire for the last hour.
Later, taters!


Jennifer said...

You are not a bitch at all, setting clear boundaries are a good thing. I really admire how you and your family live your lives the way that you want to. You rock! :D

Cfmommy said...

I HATE that as well. My friends son and Kennedy are only 2 weeks apart. They get along so well and have always played so well. She has a daughter 2 years younger then Kennedy and her boy and she is ALWAYS expecting me to take her too. So now I don't even bother to take him anymore because I'm tired of hearing her complain 'nobody wants to take _______ its just not fair for her, I feel bad, blah blah blah"...Kennedy has had many many times that she has had to find something else to do because Mack was isn't always 'fair'...I sooooooo hear your pain....