Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ah, contentment :)

Hello all! My tummy is full of baked potato skins and salad. I chased it with a hot chocolate on this -20C day. Life is good now :) .

Jake wore his tuxedo shirt to school today, I have to remember to take a picture. There are freezer-stencilling tutes all over the web so I'm not about to do another one. Google it or head to YouTube. It was really fun to do and I can see more in my future. Not that I have much time to craft...I need to make time, don't I?

My Christmas houses are up! No tree yet, that will come in the next couple of weeks. I love putting it up with the kids, and the kids getting all excited about Christmas...and then 2 weeks later I want to tear the whole mess down and get my living room back.

Scott was able to come home on Saturday night instead of the following Tuesday, so we were very happy. We snuggled him all evening long, and then the next morning we took him to McDonald's for breakfast. There were some girls there that wouldn't let Sam play with them, in fact they said "You can't play with us!!" and ran away. I don't think she really realized what was happening (she's too young) but man, was Jacob mad. Such a protective big brother.

I made a duvet for Jacob's bed yesterday, to hold his Spiderman quilt and the ratty corduroy sleeping bag that he's been sleeping under. It looks like hell, but my mom made it 30 years ago and it's the warmest blanket you ever met. So now Jake has a grey and black camouflage duvet to hold it all and it's super cozy :) . Next are some curtains for his room and I'm not sure what I want to do. Maybe this:

...but the grommets are stupid expensive and I can't find the flat sheet I bought months ago to make curtains with. Drat. Maybe I have to go back to Marshall's to buy some more camouflage fabric? Possibly...

Anyway, Scott should be home any minute so I should skedaddle. As soon as he comes home I'll serve him (ha, I mistakenly typed 'service him' just now) supper and then go for a run on the treadmill. Sam is yelling, "I want that!" to every fartin' thing on the tv lately, it's getting sort of old. It's only another month until Christmas, and then there won't be so many stupid toy commercials, right?



Princesstefer said...

heehee good typo!

Mamma Schmoo said...

I would have laughed my butt off if I had read your typo! lol :D