Friday, November 5, 2010


Scott, wearing Sam's sock monkey hat from a previous year's costume. Darnit, I hope I didn't misplace that took me forever to put together!

Sammy Sunshine as a pink princess for Halloween, made from a Disney Cinderella pattern. I hate those stupid Big 3 patterns, they never fit right. Honestly, I had to cut about 6 inches off the bottom...what a waste.

Jake's 9th birthday cake. He told me how to put the icing on, what colours to use, etc., and then he added the army men. I think he did a pretty good job :) .

I haven't added pictures in a while...quite honestly, Facebook is so much easier. But I like the record that this blog gives me. Whatevs.

I think we are stuck at home today. I wish a certain someone would call and invite us out, but I doubt that's going to happen...and I'm tired of inviting myself. So today's activities consist of laundry, floors, and maybe a trip to the library. I really need to book myself a night off to work on those freezer-paper stencils but even then...not something I can work on in the bedroom or the basement so I'm not sure that will ever happen. God I'm negative today lol!

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