Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pics Number 1.

This kitty wanted to come in so I let him. Sam followed him around, and he sniffed everything...then he wanted to go home so I let him out. I had to take an allergy pill after he left, but it was worth it because Sam had lots of fun showing him her room. "Dis is my toy box...and dis is my floor...and dat is my closet!"

My fairy princess.

What happened to summer?? I wonder if it will come back before fall comes...

The coolest fabric ever, purchased at Wal Mart in Maui at $5 a yard. One of the blue ones will be a scrub top for work (the one with the surfing ninjas!), and I think the other blue one will be a dress for Sam. The grey one is Kylie's, and I'm not sure what she's going to do with it yet. The idea of a tote bag is being tossed around.

I did a bunch of work around the house today, cleaning Jake's awful room and doing lots of laundry. Scott took Kylie for a ride on the bike and then he got called to an accident near Lloyd...a young lady turned in front of a semi on the Yellowhead. How awful. No matter how bad you think your life has to be absolutely awful for that poor girl's family this evening.

Pics Number 2

New basement bathroom. Still, even though it's been done for a little while, it feels weird that the first room in this house to get a total reno is the basement bathroom.

Jake's sink: zombie theme. Images from: vector4free , printed onto stainless steel-esque Mac Tac from Dollarama.


Kylie's sink is, of course, Hello Kitty. She picked chocolate brown towels and Jacob picked a dark grey. First time I've bought bathroom towels since...actually, I've never bought them before. We got some really great quality ones when we got married 15 years ago and they're still in great shape. Thank goodness for bridal showers.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Stuff I Know (in no particular order)

Oh my God, I won tickets to see the movie 'Flip', which looked really cute and would have been a fun night out with Kylie...and then we got the flu, and I forgot to pick up the tickets, and completely forgot about the movie. I *never* win anything. Ever. Like Kylie would say..."FAIL!"

I am #74 in line at the library for season one of Mad Men on DVD. I actually don't really care if I ever get it...because it could take an entire year and I'm not a big TV fan anyway...but I need something to watch while I'm on the treadmill. I just find it interesting that there are so many people waiting to see this DVD...and yet there is no one waiting on season two. Wonder why that is?

Sam did so awesome on the first day of potty training! And then the next day she held it in until she finally just peed all over the floor, after making a trip to the potty every 20 minutes for nearly 4 hours. Ah...part of me is laughing and the other part of me is wondering what on earth it will take for this kid to catch on. Maybe she's smarter than me? Maybe she realizes that it's much easier to just pee in a diaper and have someone else deal with it? Hmm...

One of my jobs is moving to the west end, and I think there may be the possibility of getting some more hours if the doctor can find another doctor who wants to work evenings. I really love the work, I mean I really really love it, so that could be cool.

It has been raining off and on for the last few days, and raining hard! Scott is inundated with tons of water-loss claims for flooded basements. And yesterday morning he woke up with my flu...

Scott's birthday is coming up and we've decided to invite a few friends over for an adult get-together. Part of me is looking forward to it, but as usual...I like the first 2 hours and then I lose all interest and want everyone to go home lol! Woohoo, I'm a party animal! Hey, here's some good reading: Self-Promotion for Introverts . This article is really directed at the corporate go-getter (which you all know I am, ha ha) but it also explains how my mind works when I'm faced with a it a company Christmas party or a staff-meeting.

One last thing...would it be crappy parenting to insist that Kylie watches an episode of Jersey Shore with me, so that I can instill in her the fact that I never want to see her act like those kids, ever?? Because I'm seriously thinking about it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


She peed in the potty, she peed in the potty!!! OMG, I thought this day would never, ever come...

She is really digging the Dora chart and stickers that I printed off from somewhere...I'll post a link later, we have to hit the potty again.


Monday, August 9, 2010


Oh my gosh, I can't believe there is only *3 weeks left* until the kids go back to school. Just unreal...honestly, every year the summer gets shorter. As a kid, I remember finishing school on June 23 and not going back until after the September long kids are done on June 29th and go back on September 1st. Summer is getting shorter and shorter :( .

My kitchen is finally painted! I really wasn't crazy about the colour until I got the pictures back up, and now I love it. Tonight we will get the shelves put up and then it is done...until 2 years from now when we tear the whole entire thing down lol. Holy crap, that's going to be expensive.

Jacob is on the couch reading a book on WWI given to us by the beautiful Princesstepher . Did I ever tell you how much Jacob hates reading? I mean, he doesn't just dislike it, he haaaates it. So it is very cool to see him with a book, willingly. Today we're off to the Chinese Garden for a picnic lunch. I have to make a trip to Home Depot today, and do some touch-up paint on those kitchen shelves. I should really get outside and pick some peas...dreading doing that, because the mosquitoes are awful lately.

I'm sort of half-assed watching 'Man on the Moon' on TV right now. Was Andy Kaufman funny? Hmm...I don't get it lol.

Later, taters.

ETA: ok, I get Andy Kaufman now. I don't know his work other than Taxi, but it seems from this movie that he was more of a performance artist. Not trying to get a laugh, but a lot of people found him funny nonetheless.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

OK...better now :)

So I'm better now lol. Felt good to get that bitchy post out. I didn't mean it to sound like I don't have a heart and don't want to encourage friendship skills amongst everyone, I just don't see why someone wouldn't let their kids have alone time with their friends without forcing another kid in. Well, I see why...they want a break. But every. single. time?? Ah, forget it. Not worth getting my panties all twisted over.

I've been to Value Village 3x in as many days. Scott and I had a date night on Saturday evening, so of course we went thrift shopping. The only other choice was to head to Home Depot but that sounded really boring. Anyway, I didn't buy much that night but decided there were a few things that I should have bought so I had to go back for: a set of 3 nesting Pyrex bowls in a great shade of Harvest Gold for my sister and a really cute West 49 hoodie for Kylie with teeny tiny robots all over it. I also got some Hurley skinnies for Jake and 4 pairs of excellent-shape skinnies for Kylie for school. Now all that is left on her school-shopping list is a pair of long yoga pants. Score.

Today, we are sanding and painting a Nerf gun for Sam. Jake gave her one of his old guns and she wants it to be pink...I thought that would be a good project for Jake. We haven't had a good Nerf war in a while: the kind where assorted aunties, uncles and cousins come over and we pile lawn chairs all over the yard for hiding behind and then we have to spend an hour looking for darts in the neighbour's yard lol. I don't play...I watch from the kitchen window and make coffee lol. I think we might go to a cheapo movie today, and I have a bunch of laundry to fold. Jacob did the socks, towels and cloth napkins last night. Kylie will help me with the rest of the folding today.

I still haven't finished painting my kitchen...although I have cemented a theme :) . It was between "Zombies in Springtime" and "Zombies in Paris"...but as my SIL pointed in out, why limit myself? It could be "Zombies in Springtime in Paris" and could be AWESOME. to carry that out? I need a zombie calendar...hmm. Need to Google that.

*Yawn*...gotta get breakfast. Have a great day, everyone :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Long weekend, baby!

Well...semi-long weekend. I still had to work Saturday and Monday evening, but we had all of Sunday together as a family (except for Kylie, who doesn't get out of bed until 2) and we got tons of crap done! I mended, organized, cleaned, and rag-dolled Scott all over the house to do the menial stuff lol.

I'm on a little bit of an anger streak right now...I'm not sure how some parents expect my kids to occupy their friend's siblings as well?? Can someone please explain that to me?? I remember the first summer we moved into this house, Kylie met a great little girl across the alley and they played together every available second. There were no little boys around for Jake to play with so *I* played with him when he had no one to play with. I took him to the park so he could play with other kids at the Greenshack program, I took him on walks around the block and I even pretended to play video games with him (just pressing random buttons on the control) on rainy days when he couldn't occupy himself for one second longer. Jacob was *my* responsibility, no one else's. I can't see the day when I would force Kylie to occupy Jake because he had no one else to play with. That seems greatly retarded to me. And no, just because Jake invites one of his BFF's over, that does not mean the invitation is also extended to his 5 year old sister!! Play with your own damn kid!!

And that also goes for non-paying babysitting gigs disguised as playdates that are never, ever reciprocated. Even if you say you'll do the same for hasn't happened once in the 5 years I've lived in this house so, no. Cough up the bucks for adequate care for your kids. There are lots of wonderful, wonderful caregivers out there...just admit that you don't want to pay what it takes for reasonable care for your kids.

Wow! I'm a bitch. Too bad lol.

Carry on. I'm going to sit on the stoop with my husband and my crazy toddler, who has been running around like her bum is on fire for the last hour.
Later, taters!