Monday, March 23, 2009

Eek, I've been tagged!

THE RULES: Use Google image to search the answers to the questions below. You must choose a picture from the first page of the results. and post it as your answer.

My age on my next birthday:


Place I would like to travel to:


My favourite food:


My favourite place:

My nickname:
{and I totally wear a fur bikini when I polish my floors, just like in this picture. Please be aware of the fact that my husband is the only one in the entire world allowed to call me Suzy...if you call me Suzy to my face, I will pretend I didn't hear you and then secretly be really angry at you lol. Just so you kow ;) }

My favourite colour:

My college major:

Name of my love:
(hmm...I love watermelon, but I do love my Scotty...that's a tough one...)

My hobby:

My bad habit:

My wish list:


mackey said...

Thx for playing chicky!
Ilooove the purple pic up there!
Oh & you look tres cool & sexy in that fur bikini=)
It's Alberta ...we have to wear fur cuz it's winter 10 months out of 12!

Nico said...

This was awesome!

Cori said...

bwahahaha!! Now the image of you when I read your blog will be Suzy in the fur bikini...

Neonjake said...

Thank you for the lovely journey.

Josie said...

What a fun tag!

Princesstefer said...

I did this too 'cause Tess (Bradsmom) tagged me... I didn't get the college major thing! I'm going to go add it now. lol

Tracey said...

I REALLY enjoyed this! Nice job!!! Looks like it would be a fun one!