Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My day.

OK, I just read something that made me a little bit angry. So since Sam is in bed, I'm going to post what our day looks like.

7 am: Scott has already been awake for 15 minutes to shave, then he tries to pry me out of bed. I have to lay in bed for a while and think about it, with my eyes closed, of course...and then I get up.

715am: Big kids are fighting over the bathroom (oh, how I wish we had 2 bathrooms). Scott is getting Sam out of bed and I'm gulping down my coffee, because I know that Sam will be looking for me and 'the twins' lol. I need coffee first thing, she needs to nurse.

730am: Big kids are eating breakfast and Scott is off to work. Sam is still leisurely nursing while I referee yet another fight. "Stop chewing with your mouth open!" "Stop looking at me!" Yeesh!!!! I check the weather to see how cold it is going to be: if it's super-duper cold, I will drive the kids to school. If it's -10C or warmer, they can walk on their own. Big kids brush their teeth, pack their bags, and put their own dishes in the dishwasher. I clean up the table and find some clothes for myself.

815am: I am getting all 3 kids ready to go because it's -24C outside. The van is warmed up, I have to find mitts for Jake and boots for Sam. Run the kids to school, go in and check the Parent Council mailbox while balancing Sam on one hip, then run home.

845: Sam and I have breakfast. She is a jam-covered mess, so she needs a bath. She has a bit of a water phobia right now, so I try to get it done as quickly as I can while she screams her head off. Dress her, comb her hair (another battle) and then plop her in the play pen so that I can have a 2 minute shower myself. After my shower, I check email and the local forums while Sam watches Doodlebops.

945: Wash dishes while Sam putters around. But before I can wash dishes, I have to make sure that every bedroom/bathroom/closet door is shut so that she doesn't get into anything she shouldn't. Quick scan of the floor for choking hazards then off to clean the kitchen.

1030am: Off to the mall to find fabric for a bean bag chair that Kylie wants to make. I have the project specifications and a budget figured out, just need 5 minutes of peace and quiet to pick some fabric. Sam has other ideas in mind and screams as soon as we enter the store. I give her a few things out of my purse to appease her while I shop. Find the fabric and come in under budget (woohoo) and then we are off to another store to find hair accessories suitable for work. The goal is to get out of the mall before the high school kids get there, because they are rotten, horrible, potty-mouthed brats. We eat lunch in the food court quickly, because it's nearing nap-time and I don't think Sam can wait for me to make her lunch at home.

Noon: Home. Sam nurses, then putters around while I rinse the fabric and run it to the dryer. Then she's off to bed so that I can fold laundry, return phone calls and dust. If I have time, I'll mop floors.

3pm: Wake Sam, change her diaper then run to the school to pick up the big kids. Kylie has books on hold at the library, so we all head there...Jacob complains the whole time because he hates the library with a passion...I don't know how 2 kids can be so different.

345: Home, didn't have time to mop so take this opportunity to sweep and mop floors. Kylie is playing with Sam in her room. Do a quick scan of the 'possible meals' list and take something out for supper. Send the kids to put away their own laundry and give Sam a snack.

430: Do a quick scan of the main floor, tidying up where necessary. Pick up toys scattered about living room...I don't know why, Sam's just going to dump her toy box as soon as I pick it up. Call 2 pools to cancel swimming lessons and try to find another pool with better times. Jacob show me some pants that need to be mended so I add those to the mending pile.

500: Scott is home (some days he doesn't get home until after 7). He plays with the kids while I cook supper. We eat, clean the floor again because Sam is a thrower, then we sit down to watch the news. Big kids putter around with Sam.

630: I'm off to walk on the treadmill, my 'me time'. I demand to be left alone during this time, but almost always Jacob finds me and tells me about his day while I walk...sometimes he shows me a card trick or something. I lub that guy to pieces, so I can't tell him to go away lol. I just keep walking while he yaps at me :) .

700: Back upstairs, carrying a load of laundry...diapers that need to be folded. Fold those while I watch TV. Sam unfolds them as I fold and scatters them about the living room. Big kids do homework if there is any. Kylie almost always needs help with her math. I do any PAC stuff that needs to get done or work on something like our taxes. If there is absolutely nothing important that needs to get done, I sew in our bedroom. Sam checks out what I'm doing periodically, but spends most of the time in the living room with Scott and the big kids.

830: Sam is off to bed after nursing. Big kids read: Kylie reads to herself while Jacob reads out loud to either me or Scott. Sign school agendas, check on notes from the teachers, make tomorrow's lunches, baths if it's bath night, brush teeth and the big kids are off to bed by 9.

The next hour or so is spent cuddling with my husband or doing some crafts or mending while he putters around on the computer. If he's watching something on TV, then I'll check blogs. We always try to go to bed by 10 so that we can watch Family Guy in bed and cuddle before we fall asleep. Watching Family Guy helps me to believe that I'm a good parent lol.

Tomorrow is another day in paradise :) .


Cori said...

rofl, nothing like comparing ones parenting to Family Guy!! Too funny :D

Jennifer said...

Looks like things are busy at your house! Someone asked me the other day what I do all annoyed me. I'm beginning to think that squishing play doh is more fun than having a clean house...especially when the clean house just never stays clean! lol ;)

Princesstefer said...

Hmmm... wonder what angered you. It was when I said that I rolled out of bed at 11:30 on Sunday, wasn't it? ;)

Wow! You are wayyyyy busier than me! All my kids are "big" kids though. Much easier to be a slacker now.

Nico said...

What a day! I think it is supercool that you and your hubby spend some extra time together watching the Family Guy. We love the family guy too.