Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This. And that.

So, March is Mending Month over at and I haven't learned even one thing yet. Blah.

Kylie was very excited to be in her very first cheer leading competition at West Edmonton Mall . Our school was more of an exhibition act, actually, and they weren't judged for points...but it was still very exciting :D . The kids did a great job!

Jacob and I had to make a quick trip to the ER yesterday: he fell at recess and bonked his head on the cement legs of a park bench (at first he said it was a rock, and it took me forever to figure out where there was any big rocks on the playground!) . They checked his vital signs a few times over the course of a couple of hours and then sent us home. He has a big bump and cut on his forehead, but a bag of chips from the vending machine at the hospital seemed to make it all better.

I have a job! It's as a receptionist at a dr's office, and it's only Saturdays. I've only worked 1 - 1/2 shifts, but I really enjoy it. I get to wear scrubs, thank God, because if they told me that I needed to wear business attire I would have been lost!!! The dr seems really nice, as does the other lady that I work with. I'm really excited about this. It's not that we need the money, but it seems like my days are all starting to blend together...every. single. day. is the same lately and I was really craving something different. And I think this is it! Yay!

I haven't sewn much lately...I bought a bunch of nylon to make shopping bags but then I decided I needed a rolled-hem foot for my machine. And of course, my machine is 24 years old so I couldn't find anything to fit. But then Kylie was given an older Singer machine in a cabinet by one of Scott's friends, and I was able to buy a rolled-hem foot for that. Then I decided that I wanted to make the kids bean-bag chairs for Easter, so I got a bit sidetracked...

I think that's it! We are still up to our arses in snow...I've had about enough. I can't wait to take Sam for walks outside, it will be so much fun to look at every little rock and stick...every crack in the sidewalk lol. I love toddlers lol.


Josie said...

You can make bean bag chairs?!? That is SO awesome!!

Future Mama said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Haha, yea I'm so glad people like you gave me more of an idea of what it's REALLY like! Though it seems to be different for everyone still!

Congrats on your new job and on making bean bag chairs! How cute!

Feel free to send some of your mom advice my way ANYTIME!

Cori said...

yay for the job, and with such a mom friendly shift!

Nyki said...

I agree, mending month was definitely for no0bs! But, No0bs need to learn to fix stuff too! Lol..