Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random Stuff


Kylie's book stash for the week: 18 Fruit Basket books plus some others. When she saw them all at the library, in the hold section with her name on them, she giggled, jumped up and down and clapped lol. Silly kid. At school today, a Native Elder is coming to give a presentation on tradition...Kylie has informed me that she is angry that she is not Korean, Chinese or Japanese and will forever hold it against me. The kids were asked to wear traditional dress to school, if they had Kylie wore her qipao as a form of protest. Again, it's all my fault so I guess she is protesting against me??? LOL.


Jacob, smelling the laundry. I bought a new fabric softener, just because Superstore was out of our regular stuff. I think it's too stinky, but Jacob really likes it.


My mom has this really great shopping bag that clips on to her purse and it opens up into a good-size shopping bag...but I just can't find the right fabric to copy it.


This nylon is just a touch thicker, so it doesn't fold down as small as I would like, but it's still an ok size. Still a work in progress! I will get it down smaller, I swear!

Ugh, I'm so January I went for a physical and blood work (just annual stuff) and just yesterday, the dr called me to tell me that I am really, really low in Vitamin D. Apparently, this can cause a person to feel exhausted, which would explain the need to nap every afternoon! I blame it on this extended winter we're having. The other day we woke up to -40C temps! Unreal!


Princesstefer said...

I was looking at the clearance junk at Claire's recently and they had bags similar to those on for 2/$1. So I bought a few. The nylon is not the best quality, I wouldn't put any heavy books or groceries in them, but they are convenient for other things. I doubt they have them on clearance often, and the regular price is probably more than I'd pay though... So, basically, I might just be taunting you by telling you about these. Sorry.

Kylie's Mom said...

You know what, Stef, that is where my mom's bag came from...and I was just at Claire's the other day to see if they had any left and they friggin' didn't!

She uses that bag all the time...hers has a little black snap at the top, is that what yours has?

Cori said...

Ha ha ha, you know the teen years will be bad when she's holding ancestry against you.

I bought some sort of vanilla aromatherapy fabric softener, and can't switch. Grown men from hubby's work have commented on how good my man smells. Cuz he smells like cookies...

Josie said...

Has Kylie ever read or would she have any intrest in "the full metal alchemist" series? If so, I think we have the first 5 and I would be more than happy to send them to her! (We dont need them anymore! Aparently DH didnt know about that little place called the library....)
p.s. That bag is awesome! I wonder if just plain woven cotton would do the job?

Kylie's Mom said...

Josie, you're so sweet...Kylie has a lot of those books already that she's picked up at a second-hand book store near our house. Thanks so much for your offer though!

Cori: ha! Grown men smelling each other lol...

Neonjake said...

Hey S: Have you thought of using lining fabric, there are different types, the satin like ones and then there are the thinner ones. Don't know if they still make the thin one anymore.