Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beanbag Chairs

It is so frustrating to get anything done around here of two sewing machines and one serger, and they all need to be serviced!!! Argh!!! I'm toying with the thought of buying a new machine, but I'm had the same one for 24 years and I just don't think they make them the same as they used to.

Anway, two beanbag chairs made from this tutorial . And they were made super-duper cheap:

  • $12 total including zippers and fabric for the outer bag (there is an inner and outer bag for each chair)
  • inner bags were made from 2 old queen-size sheets that I had stuck in the back of my linen closet
  • the beans were found for free online: if you Google ground expanded polystyrene beads (ground EPS) in your area, you may find a business in the industrial area of your town that is just begging to give away the biggest friggin' bags of the junk you've ever seen. Really, with all of the seats down in my minivan, I could only fit *2* of these things in. It's so messy, gosh, that junk flys everywhere!!!

Kylie wanted to help with this project, but she's just getting to that age where nothing is as fun as hanging out with her freinds. Oh, well lol.



Kylie's chair is some sort of sparkly pink/purple lycra from Fabricland's clearance section. Jake's chair is seersucker (much, much easier to sew than the lycra!) .

Now to go clean up the mess that Kylie and I made in the garage when we filled the chairs with EPS...


Josie said...

Oh my gosh that is SOOOOOO cool!!

Danica said...

Cool. My girls love their beanbag chairs but the only work I did was pulling out my wallet. Not much of an accomplishment compared to my crafty mamasita.

Princesstefer said...

Coolness! Great tip on how to get the EPS... I might question you more on specifics at some point though. lol

Kylie's Mom said...

Steph, I still have a bag + in my garage, if you want it you can have it :D

Jennifer said...

You are soooooo crafty! :) Good JOB!

Cori said...

Those are really great!! Good on you!

Nico said...

Those chairs are too cool! I want one in pink with Hello Kitty on it :)

mackey said...

OK That is it! I know you live in my city & I am so going to find you & use you for your insane sewing skills.=)
Srsly...these are awesome!!! You are too much girl!