Monday, April 20, 2009

A guest post!

Poetry Corner

-featuring poetry by-

Princess Kagura, Forgotten Ruler of the World


Hi, I'm Courtney Blue
and I live in your shoe.
Yes, I do...
'cause I'm Courtney Blue.

Hi, I'm Courtney Yellow
and I live in your jello.
Yes, I do...
'cause I'm Courtney Yellow.

Hi, I'm Courtney Green
and I jump on your trampoline.
Yes, I do...
'cause I'm Courtney Green.


I wanna be a hardcore singer in a rock 'n roll band
with pink bunny ears
and plastic Wolverine hands.

Princess Kagura will now take questions and comments from her public.


Grammat said...

Don't forget our date on Sunday.

You are a very good poet.

Princesstefer said...

heeheehee The blue one is especially awesome! :D

Kylie's Mom said...

Princess Kagura,

Your room is a mess again. And please remember to vacume after school, your highness.

Love, Mom.

Neonjake said...


Cori said...

lol, too funny :)