Monday, April 6, 2009

Not dead. Yet.

Just wanted to drop a note here...still around, just a busy gal. Work is going awesome...I love it there. Actually, I'm not sure which I like more, the work or the scrubs that I get to wear. It feels like I'm in PJs all day long on Saturdays lol.

Spring break is over, and the kids are back to school today for a short week. Jake had some day camps during the week (my social bunny) while Kylie, Sam and I just sorta hung out. Kylie and I even spent one entire day in our pyjamas, just bumming around the house, which she loved. On Thursday we went to China Town, and spent the afternoon perusing the shops. Kylie bought a bunch of junk food at Lucky 97 (which is's so ridiculously expensive in there, not one item at's just on 97th street). She also bought herself a "Learn to Write Chinese" book, the sort of thing a preschooler would use, tracing the dotted line to make the character, etc...and she bought some neat Hello Kitty origami things. There is one shop called Cutie Land that never seems to be open when we go by...and they have the neatest stuff in the window. Oh well...maybe this summer.

We spent one day shopping for miscellanious stuff; Kylie wanted pink skinny jeans of all things. And to think...there was a day when skinnies were "just gross and nasty" and now that's all she'll wear. We stopped by a couple of bakeries looking for day-old bread, and when I complained about the parking lot being so full, Kylie exclaimed, "Well, of course it's full! Every mother in the world is here, looking for old bread! What is it with you people, anyway???" That made me laugh pretty hard...

This weekend we are colouring eggs for Easter, and hopefully this week I'll get those stupid bean bag chairs finished. I f'd up my serger and my sewing machine last week...and I just couldn't bare to sit and try to fix them :( . Just didn't have it in me this week.

So now I'm off to Sobey's...turkeys are $1.19 a pound this week, so I'm buying 2, and having the butcher cut them in half and re-wrap them for my freezer. That's cheaper than ground beef!!!

Gotta tute for patching in the works, and some pics of other things that need to be uploaded. Still working on PAC reports this week (argh). Busy, busy.

Later, taters!


Danica said...

Curious minds must know...

How/when did Kylie develop her love of things Asian?

Glad to hear things are going well in your neck of the woods. I saw a crafty blog the other day and thought of you.

Take care.

Princesstefer said...

That copybook thing sounds neat, where'd she get it?

We looked for our day old bread on Saturday. LOL We do it once every second week or so and stock the freezer with it. Yay for old bread!

Neonjake said...

Giant Tiger and Army Navy have some neat scrubs. I did not wear them, that was before my time. They look so comfortable.

Kylie's Mom said...

Danica--umm...I don't know lol. It's always been like that. I remember her begging to go to McDonald's when she was 4 so that she could get a tiny Hello Kitty stuffy wearing a kimono in a Happy Meal. After that, everything had to have a kimono: Barbie, her other stuffies, clothespin dollies she made, etc. Everyone she drew wore a kimono. Even Daddy lol.

Steff: she got the book at a store in that big glass building, on the south end of China Town, just before the bridge. Sorry, I don't remember what the name of the store/building are!

Jake: if you didn't wear scrubs, what did you wear?